The Octopus’s Chess Puzzles – Episode 18

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Puzzle 1 FEN:
5B1r/7p/6P1/1k4P1/8/8/8/3K4 w – – 0 1

Puzzle 1 Details:
Ivanov, 1966

Puzzle 2 FEN:
8/8/3b4/P5P1/8/6p1/3k2P1/7K w – – 0 1

Puzzle 2 Details:
Joita, 1954, 1st Prize

0:00 – Story
1:10 – Chess Puzzle 1
5:15- Chess Puzzle 2

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  1. Nelson you are not so aggressive meanwhile see levy is so aggressive that's why your channel not growing fastly

  2. The next opponent is a magnet… magnet karlus.

  3. Very clever way to destroy Black's fortress in the 2nd puzzle .

  4. In the first puzzle, Bg7 looks like a good first move.

  5. I've seen the this puzzle before from chesscape

  6. Hello, i think the best option for white to win in chess puzzle 1 is – white bishop to g7 threatening the rook , if black rook to g8 , the pawn at g6 takes the pawn at h7 which threatens the rook and thus white forces promotion . Now white can win with queen and king checkmate

  7. Am I the only one who doesn't like this series

  8. Nelson: Hopefully you didn't say this super obvious move that is clearly a trap
    Me: 👀

  9. Episode 100 of this series be like:
    The Nelson's chess puzzles
    (God of this universe).

  10. That second puzzle was one of the most fascinating puzzles I've seen. Both kings trapped on two different corners.

    And the Queen covering every single square where the Bishop could go.

  11. This channel and the series are one of the best vedios I have ever seen!!!WOW

  12. I expected a knight at this puzzle because of the octopus

  13. Wow! That second puzzle had me flummoxed – I was convinced it was a draw; the maneuver to force black into zugzwang was brilliant!
    And that first puzzle was a nice reminder to always look for an intermezzo – a lesson I sorely need to learn.
    Thanks Nelson – keep them coming!

  14. Bobbyfischer man once fished up a fish named stockfish

  15. But those weren't octopus' puzzles, they were Bobby's puzzles…

  16. The second puzzle tells us never to underestimate the importance of zugzwan (I'm sure I misspelled it, just save it! Lol).

  17. I hate having to compete against octopuses with sunglasses. They always the best chess players. 😉

  18. I wonder how Average Joe managed the soap chess problem !

  19. I'm pretty happy that I saw the answer to the first puzzle almost immediately. I ended up concluding that the second puzzle was a draw even though my gut told me there was a way to maneuver the king into a fork with the bishop. I just couldn't find it.

  20. BTW, in the intro, Eliminated was spelled Elimated

  21. Very funny, if the lowest rated player saved the world in the very end

  22. Only legends know that the 1st puzzle is actually on @gothamchess channel

  23. I am not able to find this type of episode in order.

  24. Bobby fisherman is stockfish in human i love it

  25. I've once heard that a queen could push a king to the edge of the board even without the help of the king. But I didn't remember it until Nelson showed the solution. Nice puzzle where this is relevant.

  26. It ended better for the octopus than it could have. When fisherman wins they usually end up on the grill.

  27. in the second puzzle what if after Qf3 instead of Kb2 the king goes to Kd2 then Qb3 and then Be3. I dont see a way to Checkmate

  28. Cleaner way to force black king into the corner in second puzzle is to play Qf3 first instead of Qa3. Because after Qa3 Kc2 Qf3 black can repeat the position with Kd2. And after Qf3 Kc2 Qa3 black king is forced to move to f1. The technique is to place the queen in knight move against the opposite side's king.

  29. I’d be willing to bet I have never guessed correctly…even with a 50% chance and no requirement to explain it, pretty sure I’m always wrong. That second puzzle was awesome, very clever.

  30. I think I couldn’t solve any of those puzzles!😮🧩😊

  31. Last puzzle was very nice. I thought about it for about five minutes, and almost came to the same conclusion as the octopus

  32. I love these puzzles and am almost getting better at solving them
    Got the first one correctly and the 2nd one until the move that the whole comment section is talking about (yeah i couldnt figure out that one even tho zugzwong is an idea that i usually try to … try)

  33. why do i instantly click this video, it’s the first video in my feed i love this series i would really like more things like this,also could u put numbers from where we started to now

  34. Nah, wtf are these new thumbnails bro 😅

  35. Is it just me, or the first puzzle has already been featured by nelson before?

    Or am i just having a deja vu?

    @chessvibes i need your confirmation Mr. Nelson

  36. That second one was great. It had me completely fooled. I figured I'd nailed it when I didn't see a way to bust up the pawn and bishop. :/

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