The Mouse’s Chess Puzzle – Episode 13

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Puzzle FEN:
8/1q1P3K/5k2/8/Q7/p7/P7/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Velmir Kalandadze, 2008

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0:00 – Story
0:48 – Chess Puzzle

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  1. Wasn’t there a faster checkmate at one point?

  2. While I want to say face the dragon yourself Bobby….you should probably bail your friends out of prison first

  3. He's already abandoned them once. Best Bobby get a redemption arc and prioritize saving them.

  4. "Thinking should become your capital asset, no matter whatever ups and downs you come across in your life." –A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

  5. Why doesn't H4 work with the queen as the first move? It also stops black's natural follow-up of K to E8 …

  6. in a classic story he would have to get his friends

  7. Nelson why not Qc6+ and after Qxc6 we queen with check

  8. He should make his way to the Lost Ruins which is just before the fork and then have something happen there that shows him what he should do.

  9. and bobby sacrificed… THE FRIENDS!!!
    jk he should save them

  10. Cloud City is a bad move. Han Solo found this out the hard way.

  11. Cloud city, obviously. The dragon might be hungry and Peter Fischerman can use them as bait.
    Besides, those two have proven their woth numerous times already. Whenever there were three options to choose from, those two patsies picked two, leaving one open for Peter Fischerman, guaranteeing one of them would always be right.

  12. He has to get his friend first because maybe he needs some help for m his friends

  13. Or maybe heshoukd go to the dragon first I don't know the story but maybe the dragon will help Bobby Fisher to get his friends

  14. Very hilarious why they were captured!!

  15. Chess puzzle:
    White Kb3, Qb5, c3, c5
    Black Kf7, Ra4, Rf4, g6, g5, a5

    Black play and win, but how?

  16. nelson seeing everyone say to save his friends: great. time to get back to work.

  17. PLEASE make two video of the fischerman series per day.

  18. Bobby should definitely look for his friends. He's got the brainpower to remember the mission of getting off the island, so forgetfulness isn't a concern like it might have been for Joe and certainly would have been for Peter.

  19. Loving this story, but wondering why we can't just win by Queening d pawn immediately. Won't white eventually skewer blacks king against their queen? What am I missing?

  20. Bobby Fisherman, LOL. Just seeing your most recent stuff. Thumbs up, and been a subscriber for a while. Thanks

  21. There might be a way to save the game for black at 5:21. I'm not sure if it works but I think it's quite a brilliant save if it does. Spoilers ahead…

    And the move is to let the clock run out for a timeout vs insufficient material draw. A Knight is technically insufficient material for white to mate with so if black times out, the game should be declared a draw :>

  22. I found the queen sacrifice when you told there was a sacri

  23. I am four minutes in the vidio and I know the cheakmate is an ending of another of you puzzle where the king will be stuck because of his pawn

  24. Let's have Bobby get some preparation to face the Egales, then he can immediately go to Cloud City by playing a bad chess move on purpose.

  25. He needs to go to cloud city for IF he needs them and im sure he does

  26. Just wondering, does qa6 work, (black queen must take, otherwise we get 2 queens) and then we promote to queen with check and then u could try some kind of mate and get rid of black pawn etc.?

  27. I love this series, the amount of references and very interesting puzzles are just very rewatchable

  28. Bobby should pretend to be a patzer and go to patzer prison and then prove to the guards that he is a good chess player then get his friends out

  29. This happened to me in a championship against a 2000 the ending 🙁

  30. I would be nice to see his friend’s analysis of chess puzzles so he should save his friend.

  31. It would be nice if the fishermen were forced to play a game instead of a puzzle for once

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