The Mayor’s Chess Puzzles – Episode 17

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Puzzle 1 FEN:
1K6/7p/3k3p/6P1/1P6/p7/PP6/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle 1 Details:
Sergiy Didukh and Siegried Hornecker, 2010

Puzzle 2 FEN:
4K1k1/2p2R1p/5P1P/p6P/1qN5/5p2/6P1/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle 2 Details:
IIham Aliev, 2010

0:00 – Story
0:48 – Chess Puzzle 1
8:40 – Chess Puzzle 2
15:04 – More Story

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  1. At 6:46, can't black move Queen to B6, then Queen to C7 for checkmate?

  2. I only found your channel recently, so I'm coming at this a bit late, and I'm not great at these puzzles, but…At 3:36, why would you bring your king up, instead of bring your A pawn up to A4, which keeps the black king from cutting them off. Black King would then have to stay or go behind, so black pawn would go to H5. A5 then we have to split to see if black continues to advance pawn or moves king but if black pushes pawn, white gets queen right away with a check. Otherwise white gets a protected queen first and black has to chose between getting queen or taking white's last pawn.

  3. The first one I didn't solve – I was hoping I could find stalemate traps. Alas, no! The second puzzle I got quite far because of the power of forcing moves with check. I didn't see the last knight move though.

  4. That line where black wins was a puzzle on its own

  5. 11:35
    I would say to promote to a rook b/c the king can't move and it looks like it's forcing the queen to sac itself. 🙂
    Promote to a rook so it looks like black is forced to sac less. 🙂

  6. Just wait till Bobby hits his opponent with is 9999 puzzle rating.

  7. " Meanwhile Peter Patzer and Avarge JOE get 1800 Rating at puzzles"

  8. In the first puzzle, he mentioned many draws, and that's the goal of white so why were these draw lines wrong ? (3:22)

  9. One line you did't mention on Puzzle 1 was Pawn x a3, then pushing the b pawn (moving the white king out of the way at an appropriate juncture). When the pawn is promoted to a queen, it puts the black king in check immediately.

  10. Can someone explain why in the first puzzle after the queen trade white moves the king to A7, rather than doing a4 straight away to block off the back king?
    There's probably something I'm missing but it wasn't a line that got discussed.

  11. Can one also advance if one spells 'corectly' correctly? 🙂

  12. as enjoyable as it is to watch this is stockfish level stuff

  13. THERES NO EN PASSANT WITH THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Can we just mention that bobby held his fishing rod this hole time

  15. stop these story type puzzles. story gets annoying. post puzzles only.

  16. I love these videos! I've been trying to make my own puzzles on Lichess and have come up with a really tricky endgame puzzle.
    FEN: 6k1/1R4B1/8/4K3/8/8/2pp2p1/8 w – – 0 1

    the ONLY winning move for white is Kf6, threatening checkmate in 3 moves. black can queen, which allows a forced mating net in 3 moves, or black can play Kh7, which we respond with Rb4, threatening Rh4+, Kg8, Rh8#. the reason you have to play Rb4 is because if you play Rb3, then black has the brilliant g1=N, preventing the rook from sliding over with check, followed by checkmate! if you play Rb5, black has d1=B!!!!!!!! once again, this stops the rook checkmate threat, therefore Rb4 is the only winning move!

  17. "There is no en passant with the king" 😳😳😳😳😳

  18. 0:30 But you can enter if you don't spell corectly correctly, like at 0:44.

    14:53 Interesting: there were three situations where White checked and Black had to give up a queen to deal with that check.

  19. David is right, why does he not become king of the island, he can come back home, bring mittens and maybe some stockfishes please reply to this and mabye make an improvement to the story

  20. are these puzzles from any application or game?

  21. Is the next episode gonna swing back over to Average Joe progressing to the advanced level of Patzer Prison?

  22. Μουχαρέμ Ιντζέ says:

    Wouldn't F8 work in 10:27???

  23. I saw a move! Rook g7+!!!

    Let's see if I see any of the rest.

    And no, I didn't. Still, the first time I saw a move!

  24. on the second puzzle cant you just play knight b2 to deflect the queen and then m1

  25. White can also promote to a rook in the 2nd puzzle.

  26. At 6:41. Why couldn't black go queen to b6 to check and then queen to c7 to win

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