The Longest Forced Checkmate I’ve Ever Seen!

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  1. Hikaru premoves 130 moves and says it’s just another day

  2. To be honest, there are longer known forced checkmates … in the endgame tables. But some of them are nullified by the 50-moves rule.

  3. It's a little less impressive when you realize that the puzzle was desinged to pad the number of moves for a meme. The same exact puzzle could have been given with only the first pawn in H file and it wouldn't change anything except the number of cycles you have to go through, it would however remove like 108 of these moves.

  4. The most impressive thing is how black got five pawns on the h file.

  5. 7:25 Me 1462 elo player thought why Black's a2 pawn not take queen ? πŸ€”

  6. I saw the first 7 moves! But what if in the second move they block with bishop then u check from the diagonal then again blocks and it's just repitition if u keep checking from the diagonals

  7. At 4:26 it is not a checkmate as black can take the the queen with the a2 pawn…

  8. If black is to move, can it force a checkmate?

  9. It could actually be 129 moves because one of black’s pawns had an opportunity to make a double stop move due to being on the 7th rank, which is the starting rank.

  10. My mind:- Take that fucking bishopβ™ŸοΈ

  11. This is the most impressive sequence I’ve ever seen, thanks again Nelson!

  12. Boy do I hate it when all my pawns have found their way to the sides of the board

  13. I would accept a draw in this posistion πŸ’€

  14. just seen this
    at 2:07 Queen give check.
    block with the bishop?
    Queen can only give a check on b5 can't take knight rook guards it.
    Bishop blocks on b3, draw

  15. Me trying to figure out how the black pieces end up in the other side of the board.

  16. I'm pretty sure that Stockfish CAN win this easily , even WITHOUT finding the mate immediately … And that's due to 2 very simple reasons:
    1) It has very few legal moves anyway.
    2) It has very few moves that DON'T immediately lead to a checkmate by Black on Black's next move.
    …Therefore, EVENTUALLY by virtue of simply playing only its ALLOWED moves, Stockfish WILL eke it out to the end, with a victory.
    … At least …So tells us pure logic anyway… ~_~

  17. at 5:06, after Qe4, Black can play… h3 … INSTEAD of promoting bottom pawn to Queen.
    …What then ?? πŸ˜›

  18. 7:04 — well, technically, it DOES matter WHERE exactly the bishop moves to…
    If it moves to b3 , then you have to do an extra round of ring-around-the-rosie, and then checkmate with queen FROM d1 to b3 MATE #.
    So that's 138 moves total , NOT "130" … πŸ˜›

  19. Funnily enough even though stockfish can’t see the mate, it will probably still play perfect moves

  20. It'd be rough to get this position with no increment

  21. Why cannot white take the bishop on turn 1?

  22. Why isn’t it threefold repetition? The same move sequences occur more than 3 times

  23. and if u found your self in this position you now know what to do
    Me: When tf will anyone go find themself in this position
    Like how the heck would u create a 5 stacked pawns πŸ’€

  24. Here's an idea for a puzzle: make it so that white has a mate in 51, but there are no pawn moves or captures, so it's actually a draw.

  25. this board is so cursed, first of all the rank the black king is on should be the eighth rank and the pawns should be moving away from the black king not towards.

  26. this checkmate kinda feels like solving a rubik's cube

  27. I love coming back to videos like this to see tempo engines in action.

  28. imagine you’re game reviewing and then it says you blundered mate in 130 moves

  29. this is why i never play the sicilian defense πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  30. wait… why doesn't h8 defend against checkmate for black after any of those first few qd2s? EDIT: I'm dumb, the pawns go the other way

  31. Feels like this happened to me the other day

    1 had mate in 1 with barely any pieces on the board.. if I the bot gave me the chance, but it was non-stop checking me, I had no where to hide since I didn't have much peices, but yeah, after like 35 checks, I got mated

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