The Knight’s Challenge – Episode 16

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0:00 – Story
1:38 – Chess Puzzle

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  1. You are the best teacher around everything u do works u make it simple thank you but I'd love to see you do guess the elo

  2. Puzzles seem more immersive and simple I like that

  3. I'd like a mixture of puzzles and chess gemes.

  4. I like puzzles more as they force you to think in a particular position more than a normal game does but love your videos anyway

  5. I do not have a preference. Do whatever you’d like!

  6. I prefer the puzzle. Once in a while an historic game could be very good (once in a 4-5 games)

  7. so i personally like puzzles. Games really make it harder to enjoy the position as there is alot to take in at once. If its a game, I like a bigger pause and time to think of the more puzzle moments in the board.

  8. This story has mostly been chess puzzles, so I feel like adding games would disrupt the theme of the story.

    And I like the puzzles more, personally.

  9. I like puzzles because they are almost always mind-blowingly sneaky.
    I like full games because they are more realistic.
    tl;dr: I just like your channel.

  10. I like the variety! Puzzles, games, "challenges" like the 8 queens… It's a great series and the story is as intriguing as it's ridiculous but I could see it becoming stale quickly if it only had one category (e.g. only puzzles).

  11. If you’re doing Boss Battles like against the Dragon I feel like those ones should be Chess Games, while the rest of the journey is mostly puzzles

  12. I hope he will face a bad player but that cheat, it could be interesting how Bobby will manage it

  13. I love how you're bringing more variety to the series! I think a mixture of both is a great idea.

    I especially liked how you chose the 8 queens puzzle before this which is a bit different than usual chess puzzles.

  14. René Letelier Martner. Chilean GM. Letelier was his father's last name, Martner his mother's last name.

  15. I like the content but the voice filter kinda gets on my nerves

  16. I think calling the chess festival the “Chesstival” would be nice

  17. I feel like the festival would be the perfect sort of landmark. Like Bobby gets the treasure and goes to the pirates but they say they need a bunch more stuff, so Bobby stays at the festival for a while, playing games and once he has all he needs, he gets joe and the other guy❤ loving the series!

  18. Always great content, keep going with the puzzles and the story is fun ⚔️ love your channel 👍

  19. always like the mixture. even throwing the puzzle idea into the game like you did here is great. if only you could contact bobby fischer and have him voice his character lol. either way, keep it up love the series. dont ever end it

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