The King Alone Wins This Chess Game

The King Alone Wins This Chess Game

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  1. "I know what you're thinking" — yeah you don't know what I'm thinking

  2. What happens if your first move is taking on h7

  3. How abt instead of first pawn g6, we go pawn to h7,taking a pawn. Then rook takes, you push the pawn and there is no way losing the game

  4. The rook aint forced go dat square the king can just come closer to the pawn then what?

  5. Way the black can win:
    1. The black pawn will promote to the queen
    2. If the white pawn eat the rook, we can win easily by eat the pawn promoted by the king or queen.
    3. If the white pawn eat the queen, we also can win with on rook by eat the promoted pawn

  6. Imagine you are white, and make it a stalemate🤣😭

  7. Me who is still thinking 'how did the rook get to H8(also H file blocked for rook by an H7), and its white to move with a bishop on a fireline of the rook.

    Rare to get such positions in a real game.🤷

  8. How would white lose if he takes the rook? There's no way for black to stop the promotiom

  9. After king h6 i promote you take with the pawn my queen made from a pawn and i go rook 8h you get in check and somehow manage to sacrifice my rook to take your pawn and it is a draw

  10. with every video i stop the video at the start to see if i could solve it, finally successful.

  11. Chessscape: “And you win”
    Martin: “Alright bet”

  12. He tried to sacrifice his rook and tried to have the "DA RUUUUUUUKKKKHHHH" Moment

  13. Best meme ever, prime Conor was prime entertainment 😂😂

  14. I'm sure you can 100% take that Rook.

  15. Isnt rook takes pawn a draw? King can protect black pawn before white can get to it after bishop takes rook

  16. What if the black king moves to f7 before taking with the rook?

  17. I could’ve won in a better way that doesn’t require a brilliant move 🤔

  18. I see Gotham is starting to copy a lot of your stuff.

  19. Who thinks I could have found this win? ABSOLUTELY NOBODY!

  20. Black can draw by not moving the rook and keep the king close,he move between 2 squares

  21. Hes being greedy, mark saw he made the guy who doubled his expectation for the company to wait.

    Double. Imagine having 2 ice creams instead of one. Or if you could only have half a cone if its doubled then it would be a full cone.

    Thats what mark was mad about.

  22. I figured that out easy! I wouldn't take that free rook!

  23. I mean… even if pawn and then king takes, then white kh6, black kf7, white takes kh7, black kf6 and then red carpet with white pg6. It was winning anyway

  24. Just asking how do you get a pawn behind a pawn?

  25. Unless it’s me that just gets chess blindness

  26. Bro is expecting us to win with 2 passed pawns when martin, obviously the best chess computer, draws this position with a queen and a bishop with 3-fold-repetition

    EDIT: Martin won in 27 moves in his 2nd try. how are u expecting someone to see through 27 moves

  27. That's why u don't have to be griddy sometimes

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