The Inventor’s Chess Puzzle – Episode 37

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0:00 – Story
1:00 – Puzzle
9:57 – More story

Puzzle FEN:
8/1p6/p7/8/8/7k/PP6/6K1 w – – 0 1


  1. when white captures on b6, it doesn't actually matter where the black king is since white king is on a key square

  2. 3:00 after B5 the black will take the pawn and go on to promote and win. The white king can't catch it.

  3. Yay, this is the second puzzle I've got tonight. This is definitely the best channel for learning!

  4. cant you do enpesant after white moves the pawn to b5 at 4:43

  5. They should go back to patter prison and say it doesn’t work

  6. Prediction:
    Episode 38: the dragon chess challenge
    Peter and Joe get to the dragon but the dragon has a puzzle gun that shoots puzzles but if you don’t solve them you lose 50 elo. but the blueberrys effect wears off and his rating is back to 700 and he can’t solve the puzzles so he lost elo until the dragon run out of ammo and he lost 2000 elo and is -1300 elo.
    Episode 39: the trainer chess puzzles
    he trains all of them the increase elo but the puzzles were too hard so they didn’t gain elo and then only Average Joe could solve some puzzles and his rating is now 2300.
    Episode 40: the Fishermen vs Chess Drainer 2000 (BOSS)
    They come up with a chess drainer 2000 that sucks elo out of the fishermen
    But since they drained so many people’s elo his rating [HP)is 10000. The fishermen can attack by creating shadow puzzles that take elo out of the Chess Drainer 2000. They manage to defeat the Chess Drainer 2000 but their new ratings are:
    Peter: -8365 (-7065]
    Joe: 3400 (+1100 )
    Bobby: -460 (-740)
    How Bobby got there: idk
    How Joe got elo: the Chess Drainer 2000 dropped 6666 elo and they shared it.
    Episode 41: the guards chess puzzle
    They run into a guard that says he will give a reward if they solve a chess puzzle.
    Average Joe solve the puzzle and then they give a orange pill that brings your elo up or down based off of the starting elo.
    But they don’t know what it does but the pill doesn’t have to be eaten to work.
    New elo:
    Peter: -9263545151425262524362624177181926252422
    Joe: 28255422
    Bobby: -265751
    Episode 42: the demon chess challenge
    They meet up with a demon which throws them in a box and tells them he will not let them go unless they beat him.
    But his elo is 999999999 which they all thought was impossible but since average Joe is so high rated he has superpowers. they manage to beat the demon and in return the demon gives them a chess automation machine that plays the moves for them.
    Episode 43: the lava monster chess puzzle
    The fishermen run into a lava monster that tells them they have to solve a chess puzzle. The fishermen agreed since average Joe was so high rated. But then the lava monster pulls out a machine that decrease elo and when he turned it on their new ratings are
    Peter: -99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
    Joe: 12674
    Bobby: -10987654
    Then the lava monster spits out a 50000 rated puzzle but they solve it and keep going.
    Episode 44: the chess heros chess puzzles
    The fishermen run into a hero and Peter patzer eats the red pill to go back to 700 elo and then the hero gives them some chess puzzles that were all about 10000 elo. They manage to solve all of them and then the hero joins their team.
    Episode 45: the cyborg’s puzzle
    A cyborg kicks out the chess hero and wants to kill the fishermen but Average Joe asked if there was a way to not get killed and the cyborg gives them a chess puzzle.
    Unfortunately only Average Joe solved it and it was a 20000 rated puzzle.
    Episode 46: the random chess monster (very weird)’s chess puzzle
    A “friendly” chess monster comes to Peter patzer and Bobby Fischerman to help but they have to solve a chess puzzle,otherwise they will still get killed.
    From literally pure luck, they solve them by playing random moves.
    Then the monster gives three yellow pills, one for each fisherman and it gets them to
    Peter: 9000000
    Joe: 268888888
    Bobby: 7500000
    Episode 47: the fishermen vs THE TRUE DRAGON!!!!!(BOSS)
    The fishermen were ready to get the gold, but then ANOTHER DRAGON appeared.
    Then the dragon said his elo is 1,000,000,000,000.
    The fishermen started the chess match but then Average Joe realized he had a new superpower.
    Episode 48: The chef’s chess puzzle II
    This time, when he got back, the chef ate all the berries and became 10,000,000,000 elo.
    He also ate a cursed berry that caused him to get evil and said the fishermen have to solve a chess puzzle. If they don’t solve it, the chef will kill them . The chef also ate a purple apple that caused him to have powers that kill fishermen (yes fishermen only).
    They solve the puzzle and give the gemstone 💎 to the chef.
    Episode 49: the warrior’s chess challenge
    They found a ship but then a warrior said the fishermen had to beat the warrior’s challenge.
    It was a puzzle with special rules.
    The challenge rules:
    Superpowers are banned
    Pieces can only move if they are attacked.
    Pieces cannot move if they are defended.
    They solve it but halfway there something weird happened.
    A big rock appeared randomly. Then one spawned on the bottom of the ship and it started to sink.
    Episode 50: the wizard’s chess puzzle
    Then another rock spawned and knocked the ship into space. Then a wizard appeared and grabbed the ship. The wizard said:
    If you solve the chess puzzle then I will put you home. If you don’t you get thrown into the ocean.
    They solve the puzzle but it didn’t feel right for some reason.
    Episode 51: the “alive” house’s chess puzzle
    The house starts to get unusual and random objects are coming in and out constantly.
    then the house starts talking.
    Solve a chess puzzle, get the crown.
    Fail to solve it, you’re going down.
    The house give them a ???? rated puzzle but they fail to solve it so the house completely collapses and turns into a dark monstrosity and starts chasing the fishermen
    And the fishermen start running…and keep running………….and don’t stop running.
    Episode 52: the Exterminator’s chess puzzles
    The “house” chases them and gets to them and the fishermen go in and the house decides to eat them but then they NOCLIP and end up back in Puzzle Island. Then they immediately run into an Exterminator that, well will Exterminate them unless they solve some chess puzzles.
    They solve all of them and the Exterminator disappears into the ground and then they don’t know how to get back to their actual home.
    Episode 53: the fire mage’s chess puzzle
    The fishermen see a ship and start going toward it where a fire mage stops them unless they solve a—-well, you know, and the chess puzzle is called the Impossipuzzle because it is, almost impossible but the fishermen solve it and get on the ship.
    Episode 54: the ice devil’s chess puzzle
    The fishermen see two doors and one has a picture of icebergs and the other one just has a sign that says:
    1,000,000,000 ELO REQUIRED!
    Then an ice devil appears and says:
    and it is only a 10000000 elo puzzle which is easy ( peterpatzeraveragejoebobbyfischermanomically speaking) and they solve it and go through the iceberg door.
    Episode 55: the fishermen vs the dragon(yes again)
    The fishermen find two doors yet again but this time both are locked.
    LOCKED! 10,000,000,000 ELO REQUIRED!
    LOCKED! 100,000,000,000 ELO REQUIRED!
    There was a dragon standing next to the doors and told them they would get a reward if they beat him.
    However, it’s elo was 1,000,000,000,000,000, but well————- the miracle happens and they beat him.
    The reward was a green pill that gives you extra superpowers, that allow you to invent pieces and stuff like that. It also greatly improves their elo.
    Peter: 1010101010
    Joe: 22022022022
    Bobby: 989898989
    The dragon said they needed this for the things coming up.
    Episode 56: the ship’s chess puzzle
    They go through the door with 100,000,000,000 elo but another ship that says Shipchess II MEGASHIP and then says they have to solve an “impossible” chess puzzles but they were actually possible but they were so hard the fishermen fail to solve it and the two ships collide.
    Episode 57: The fishermen vs the Shapeshifter.
    The fishermen were getting desperate because the ship was sinking fast and people were about to drown.
    Then the caterpillar appears again and immediately turned into the botanist and said he was a shapeshifter and would repair the ship in a way the ship would not sink if they beat him.
    But his elo is not very good so the fishermen destroyed him and the ship got repaired.
    Episode 58: the generals chess puzzle.
    The fishermen were close to home and then find themself face-to-face with a General.
    The general says YOU SHALL NOT PASS unless you solve a “think outside the box” chess puzzle.
    The fishermen solve it and then find themself in front of a mansion.

  7. Average Joe can have a berry if they are still carrying them

  8. Can you play against martin but there will be a wheel you have to spin that wheel every move. On that wheel there will be some options they are do a check, do a capture, play a move, nelson gets a pawn and give martin a rook if you can’t do a check/capture you have to give martin a rook.

  9. always wait for new character & adventures.

  10. In the next episode Peter is probably 1175 elo (loses 775 elo each time until 700 elo)
    Groundhog puzzle 2725
    Inventor puzzle 1950
    next episode 1175

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