The Horse’s Chess Puzzle – Episode 5

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Puzzle FEN:
5bb1/2K4k/8/6P1/1BB5/8/8/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Martin van Essen, 2004

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  1. After white goes bishop to King, to, black goes bishop the bishop to

  2. Would not these "can white win questions" be more interesting if from time to time white did not.

  3. bro there was checkmate when black's king was on h8

  4. 2:13 i fail to understand why you cant just walk the king out further and skewer.

  5. But if you take the white bishop and then the black bishop, you can make it in time to defend the pawn. Black king ends up on g6 and white's on f4.

  6. BOBBY! I've missed you SO much!

    (squishy hug)

  7. Is called the horse’s chess puzzle, yet there is not a single horse on the board at any point in the puzzle

    Lyin’ Nelson

  8. Bro, after Bg8 takes bishop, Kg8 retakes, Bf7 takes bishop, Kg8 retakes, king has enough moves to protect the pawn. Am i wrong? Or the question here is that the king can just ignore the bishop at f7

  9. It’s been a long time since another episode

  10. What if black plays Bf7 in end
    edit: oh i see our bishop will be lost

  11. Wait a minute, what it after Be2 black responds with ..BF6? White might Bxf6, then ..Bd5, g7..Kf7

  12. I stared at it for probably 25 minutes and FINALLY figured it out

  13. Bro found the real life fortnite map πŸ’€

  14. 4:54 Bishop to h7 anywhere the king moves,you can take the black bishop and next you push the pawn and when the king takes the white bishop,you take the black bishop and bring your king to support the pawn owl why it didn't explain to the video pls answer this

  15. On move 3 Black Bishop to c5 instead of e7 and that way the White King can not take it, would that stop this solution?

  16. The old man looks a little like Sam Elliott.

  17. Ironic that the horsemen puzzle does not have any horses on the board

  18. Is this any chess application?

  19. 4:37 What if Bf7+? Won't that work? Since after king takes bishop, Bxf6 guards pawn and if he takes bishop again, then queen promotes. On the other hand, if he blocks pawn instead of taking dark bishop, Ke7 will force other king to h7, which will allow white to protect pawn in next move.

  20. At 4:37 could white not just play bishop h7 w check. If the king takes the bishop white takes blacks bishop while still defending the pawn. If the king moves to f7 we promote to a queen with our light squared bishop still guarding the new queen. We then checkmate w a queen up

  21. When white plays bishop to e2 couldnt black move the white squared bishop to f7 sacrificing it to prevent checkmate?

  22. After the position mentioned at 4:38 minute, instead Bxf6 move, Bh7 check will give better win. If king takes white bishop capturing Black bishop and protecting pawn will give win. If King moves to f7 immediate promotion of pawn to queen will give win and if king moves to g5 for supporting bishop and escape of check, now chance to promote pawn to queen and next step capturing black bishop will give win.

  23. 4:50 what if you moved bishop to g7 and if he captures then you take the other bishop?
    Sorry if my english is bad im spanish

  24. this series is so fun to watch πŸ™‚

  25. Be2 was so fascinating move! Weird but powerful. Bobby Fischerman is better than my grandpa.

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