The Hermit’s Chess Puzzle – Episode 35

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Puzzle FEN:
1R6/5p2/4P1pb/2K4p/2pB1N1k/4P3/6PP/2q5 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Kazantsev, 1964


  1. 😎What a cool frame around this very nice puzzle. I really like this framework….

  2. bobby's rating is 280 but he is enough smart

  3. I appreciate these videos and all the work that goes into them ,also helps you get better at puzzles

  4. Reminds me of a chess game, where i thought that i`m closer to losing with every move until i suddenly won.

  5. I feel sad for the people who haven't subscribed this channel.

  6. Very nice puzzle, but I have a feeling that for this episode, Nelson used his AI to generate the image AND the plot!
    "Hello random stranger, want a key made of gold for no good reason?"

  7. 3:45 when forked, can't black take with the queen? This will force a recapture with the e3 pawn, moving it closer to the king. It's still a 3 v 2 pawn endgame with both kinds right there so the outcome is a lot less apparent. My guess is still a white win but it doesn't seem trivial to me.

  8. Incredible nice puzzle and an unexpected solution

  9. I disagree with the first move. E6 to F7 should've been Bobby's move.

  10. I love those check later were you sacrifice everything except the pawns you needs to achieve checkmate.

  11. I almost solved that. But my thought process was same as Bobby's

  12. Plot twist: The botanist, the caterpillar and someone else are actually an evil team.

  13. I'm happy to be able to discover both the bishop and the rook sacrifices towards the end.

  14. He-he! Nice one this time! To put it mildly, Bobby's reasoning is quite comical.

  15. Chess Adventures

    I love your videos. I want to be honest. At 2:10, I wanted to move my King to D6, to defend that pawn.

    Chess adventures I love how you explain that was a wrong move.

    You Chess adventures are such an awesome awesome awesome person, and your videos (all of them) are smashing cool, excellent superb videos all of them. All

  16. Future plot twist: Bobby Fischerman plays someone a game of chess, plays a horrible move, and ends up in Patzer Prison himself!

    5:31 There was an old rule in tournaments that said that if you checked the king, said check, and it was actually mate, the game was a draw (!).

  17. Oh wow this is such an adventure! 🙂

  18. tough moves to see in this one, very counter intuitive to sac nearly everything you've got, especially when your opponent still has a queen. very nice puzzle

  19. Νικόλαος Παπανικολάου says:

    After Kxc4 black's move Qxe7 is not forced! We must analyze other opportunities, as: Qd7 (probably the best, but still losing as the other), Qa8, Qa6+ & Qa2+

  20. Idk about the plot in this episode haha, no shot a 280 player stumbles into all those crazy brilliancies. But the puzzle was great.

  21. why isn't pawn to G3 an immediate checkmate?

  22. Or is it the key that the botanist stole off him?

  23. Great video, and I liked Bobby's thinking (I would think the same), but I was wondering why you couldn't capture the pawn on f7 at the start. What makes e6 the move?

  24. What a hilarious checkmate, beaten by a pawn in the center of the board. 🤣🤣

  25. I'm not really a fan of low elo players getting lucky in puzzles for no reason at all.

    This seems like the definition of "you can beat magnus carlsen with random moves"

  26. I think Peter, Joe, and Bobby will meet each other

  27. Well, Nelson, now that you’ve set up a channel for the story lovers you have critics thinking the bar should be raised for the narrative 😂. I’m happy for Bobby’s luck, I think the story is great!

  28. I know for a fact that when Bobby Fishermen meets up with the others, he’ll eat that apple(fruit? Idk I’ve been keeping up) and his Eli will revert back to 2800

  29. Losing 90% of rating mightve been a bit much

  30. You made it seen actually possible for him to find the checkmate well done! Puzzle Island > Queen's Gambit xD

  31. I would never solve see some of those moves, unlike Bobby Fischerman here. Then again, he solved it with luck ( and knowledge ).

  32. I have an idea, wouldn't it be better to present the full story first and then to explain the puzzle after?

  33. u did'nt explain rook b6 move after Qa7+. the rook could block and if the queen takes the pawn then the bishop can fork king and queen defended by rook

  34. How are ordinary people just making chess puzzles

  35. it would be funny if bobby fischerman went to the lost ruins and finds martin as the archeologist and they play a game if bobby wins martin will help and then you pair martin against himself and show it

  36. Nice of the hermit to give such an easy puzzle so the 280 can solve it Also imagine playing a low rating game and your opponent blundering into such a brutal combo.

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