The Hardest Puzzle On

Join NM Sam Copeland as he breaks down two of the hardest chess puzzles on!

And don’t forget the Puzzle Battle World Championship is January 6th-9th ft. @GMHikaru, @Daniel Naroditsky and more! ⬇️

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  1. Broo, this puzzle was easy, I literally got kg4 on my very first try to solve the latter

  2. Honestly I feel like Puzzles are surprisingly easy compared to actual games. Tactics might just be easier than Strategy but I paused the Video and managed to solve these puzzles on my own when I really have no business solving them as a weak hobby player.

  3. 0:45

    Is part of the puzzle here also knowing white to play? Black to play? Game to draw? Who to win?

  4. I found all moves until the quite move at the very end. I thought about moving my king closer… But at the very beginning I missplaced the black rook, it was on E2. And with this the quite move leads to forced checkmate by black. Damn.
    I still have the second puzzle though, I'll try to solve it later

  5. Bruh in the first puzzles I was like gotta go Hikaru mode with 100 arrows and it was just a mate in 4…

  6. I am looking for a free application on Android that gives puzzles Like these ones played against the computer .

  7. I solved every puzzle in less than 10 seconds so pls give me more difficult puzzles

  8. Second puzzle: 1. Nd6+ Ke7 2. Nxe5 Nf2 3. Qd4 Qc7 4. Nexf7 Rf8 5. Qxg7 Rxf7 6. Qxf7+ Kxd6 7. Qf4+ Kc6 8. Bb5+ axb5 9. axb5+ Kb6 10. Qxf2+ Kxb5 11. Rxa8

  9. I don't understand how the 1st puzzle is 3952, I mean I feel it should be like 3295 if you shuffle up the numbers. And Btw, Qf7 was the most natural to me, not Qf5

  10. as a 1300 rated player, i only found the first one

  11. In the first puzzle why not start with g4 check and g5 check

  12. Holy crap, I actually got this pretty quickly. I played Qf7+ instantly and the rest needed calculation but I got it in a couple of minutes. Woo!

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