The Hardest Puzzle On

Join NM Sam Copeland as he breaks down two of the hardest chess puzzles on!

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  1. I put the first puzzle into stockfish and it found the forced mate in 4 in about 3 seconds lol

  2. I'm proud that I guessed the first check correctly.

  3. How do they rate puzzles? The first was quite doable. The second was insane.

  4. I feel like if I had several hours (maybe a day) I could solve that first puzzle just through brute force calculation since there's a relatively limited number of variations given the remaining pieces and situation. That second puzzle, though, is something I don't know if I'd ever be able to solve. Too many possible movies that look like they're winning only to find out they're not because of some hard-to-see response, combined with a very counter-intuitive "computer-like" move to cap it off. Still, the logic is very pretty, just incredibly complex and way above my 1700 ELO paygrade.

  5. 9. Qxh8 – Stockfish 12 -at depth 42 evaluates postion to be a mate in 31 moves ! That means is a mate in 40 puzzle

  6. Wouldnt it be better if you moved your queen to D4 in the 2nd puzzle (speaking of the first move of course)?

  7. got the idea on the second puzzle but only got 3 moves in a row right. queen to f4 was hard for me to see at first.

  8. I wonder how many people have solved the second one

  9. Wouldn’t the hardest puzzle be playing from move 1 against engine moves?

  10. For the first puzzle, I saw that after Qf5…Kh6, Rxf6 doesn't work. But the move I calculated after Qf5…Kh6 (1:39) was Kg4. Now Qh5 and Qg5 are both mate in 1 threats, and black has no checks. Struggling to see how white isn't winning. g6 in that position must somehow be holding as well, but it's difficult to understand how.

  11. First-class explanation, Mr. Copeland! This was very instructive–reminding us to look for quiet moves, to consider all legal responses of our opponent, to not be greedy and cash in early while attacking, and to stifle our opponent's counterplay.

  12. I actually found this mate in 4 after about 10-15 minutes of thinking. But the last position is just a nightmare

  13. kinda surprised the first one is considered hard… there aren't that many paths to consider and it's literally a forced mate in 4.

  14. This was a super simple puzzle. If I didn't miss g6 pawn check I would have eventually find Kg4.

  15. The first one was easy. I figured it out in two minutes on my first attempt. I even missed the wrong Queen check you showed first. I just slowly found the elements needed for the right moves. I don't think that puzzle should be over 2400pts.

  16. my biggest achievement as 300 elo is to solve these puzzles

    after 3 hr

  17. Ahhhhhhh, I thought g4+ was the answer to the first puzzle. I didn't look close enough

  18. Can someone please transcribe what Sam says from 03:5003:54? It sounds like he’s saying “A horse, a horse. My king don’t four. A check on the dark squares.” Can’t figure it out, and English is my first language lol

  19. Learning how to solve 3953 rated puzzles while i cant solve the 1500 rated ones

  20. Huge difference between the two puzzles in difficulty

  21. at 3:51 why can't white play rook to f5 and pawn has to take so then play Queen g7, the king has to go h5 and then move pawn g4 checkmate?

  22. can someone explain to me why Qf5+ , Kh6 followed by Kg4 not a solution to that first puzzle?

  23. The first one was a cool puzzle. The second one is a Stockfish vs Lc0 recap.

  24. I found the “3900” puzzle rating a tthe beginning in 20 seconds, my puzzle rating is 3000😎

  25. I was able to solve First puzzle Why the F it is 3950 rated

  26. “Solve the hardest puzzle ever – I won’t tell you if it’s white or black to move”. Yeah ok.

  27. The first shown puzzle not hard at all for my standards ,and the toughest puzzle on your site isnt as hard as i thought it was . I think i would have solved it if it wasnt for that Qe3+ followed by Nf2 activity idea which to be honest goes beyond my understanding of chess

  28. I think I'm more concerned about problems that nobody, myself included, what's the actual correct answer to.

  29. Umm first puzzle white or black to move????.

  30. Cool stuff… why is there Peele in the thumbnail, though?! Clickbait much…

  31. Me: Cracks first puzzle faster than Sam could say a syllable
    Also me: Misses mate in 2

  32. I got the solution by just first watch 😎

  33. That second one doesn't look like a puzzle – it looks like the analysis of a Fischer or Morphy game lmao. The epitome of "when you see a good move, look for better."

  34. 0:30 well perhaps htere are still lower rated ones that are harder

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