The Hardest Puzzle On

Join NM Sam Copeland as he breaks down two of the hardest chess puzzles on!

And don’t forget the Puzzle Battle World Championship is January 6th-9th ft. @GMHikaru, @Daniel Naroditsky and more! ⬇️

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  1. So happy I solved the first puzzle after like 5 minutes of thinking

  2. I literally solved the first one, including the quiet move. Theres no way this is the hardest puzzle. Guys like Hikaru could solve this in 10-20 seconds probably, at most.

    I am rated 1100 btw which is reallly low. So I am really surprised this was here.

  3. I am 400 rated.
    And i saw a bunch of unlogical moves that Magson Carnus calls "brilliant". 🤦‍♀️

  4. Wait what. What am I missing in the first puzzle? Isn't g4+ Kg5 Qf5+ Kh6 Qh5# a solution?

  5. Some great puzzles! I get confused by ones I just don't practice enough. It's like being awake and really tired at the same time.

  6. Can the second one even be considered a puzzle given the sheer number of possible moves?

  7. I actually found the brilliant move on the first one, but I did queen f5 check instead.

  8. Thank you Sam for these solutions to the puzzles, you helped a lot.

  9. First time I've seen the first one I thought it's easy but trying to do it after few days with little bit of memory got lured by all wrongs paths & it's gonna happen to many if faced in puzzle rush.

  10. I solved the first puzzle before you explained it!!!

  11. I feel like the first puzzle is too easy to be the "one of the hardest puzzles" (2100)

  12. Kinda pointless to give us a puzzle and not tell us what side to play

  13. I got every puzzle correct in the first try except the last one!

  14. Well, exactly as you said it, thought I found forced mate in puzzle 1, pawn move tripped me up

  15. I just have 1900 rapid but im proud i find the first one fast

  16. Solution is
    Qg7+ Kh6 Rxf7+ g6 Qf8+ Kg5 Rf5+ gxf5(only move) Qg7+ Kh5(Only move) g4# NVM

  17. The first one is quite easy but the second one is incredibly hard.

  18. Wait but isn’t the first one just: pawn g4 – king g5 – queen f5 – king h6 – queen h5?? Or am I missing something

  19. 5:49 OH yes… I remember this puzzle. I needed one hint but besides that found it quite enjoyable and a breeze

  20. i solved it in less than 5 seconds for the first puzzle. bruh how is that hard

  21. first one :-
    Three moves!!!
    And if -:
    Two moves!!!

  22. First puzzle i say "wow"
    Second puzzle "whattttt???" maybe it's like how to revenge the rook 😂

  23. You ask us to pause the video and try to solve the puzzle but you don't tell us what the puzzle is. You should actually say "white to move and…."

  24. Bruh after watching this vidoe i win my games 75% more i went to 1700 to 2200

  25. @14:49 when rook goes to D4 why wouldn't you sacrifice queen and take the rook?

  26. At 2:27, isn't it over ?

    If white moves pawn to g5 check, I only see 2 possible moves for black. King g7 and king h5.

    On king G7, you have rook f7, leaving the enemy king to go to h8 or g8. H8 is mate in 1 due to queen c8. G8 is mate in 2 with queen e6, queen c8.

    As for h5, you have g4 checkmate in 1

  27. You tell us to solve it but not mentioning whose turn it was 😅

  28. (before watching the video)
    If g5: Qh7#
    If kh6: Rxf6+ gxf6 Qxf6+ kh5 g4#

    Can't be that easy right? I must be missing something.

    edit: LOL

  29. I solved the first one, does it really mean my rating is 3950? The main difficulty is that it does have one non-forcing move.

  30. who else thought that they would be mate in 1 puzzles

  31. Lesson in first puzzle reminded me of a simple clear memory of a roommate hollering frustration playing on FICS in the mid 90s. Dan: “I can’t figure out how to keep my tempo and looks like big problems” me: “gotta quiet move?” Dan “thanks!”

  32. first puzzle is trippy in deed. i spent 5 min looking at it and didn't even notice first check available. that said the ideas after you see that check are fairly simple. its some sort of square blindness

  33. I just omit such idiotic puzzles like this one, where the mentor tells you all the figures about the ELO of the puzzle but not who plays first what is move limit to give check mate to the opponent

  34. I may look like a dummy for saying this but I think you skipped the part that you gotta tell the viewer which side they supposed to play for first and how many moves allowed. Guess 3900+ elo people can see that right away, but the people you try to cater will feel left out. Just my 2 cents.

  35. I watched the beginning three times and didn't hear you tell me which side has the move and the objective. Then you say to pause the video. Did I miss something?

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