The Hardest Puzzle On!

We got with our data team to find the HARDEST puzzles on and they did not disappoint us! These are IMPOSSIBLE! Can you solve them on the first try?!

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  1. Only 750,000 puzzles!? We need MORE!

  2. The point of this video should have been to give the viewers – puzzles to solve. Not some darned guide. Are you crazy.

  3. If you post it here for free why not make it free on the app

  4. Some of these look straight up impossible to find computer lines, more so than some of the stuff Kramnik reported people for.

  5. Failed the first puzzle eight different ways this morning in the daily puzzle. Also, I suggest evening out your mustache, itโ€™s killing me ๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. Not a good video because you should put the puzzle, full-screen, for us to have a look at and try. Instead you keep it small and then do a zoom with an immediate spoiler explanation

  7. you should have uploaded this on april fools

  8. I got the first one, but the knowledge that very few people passed it made me think to be careful. 2nd one was impossible. 3rd one, I didn't see that white's Rh3 is also threatening Rh2 which stops all the 2nd rank threats… extremely hard.

  9. Really have Been waiting for sam copeland

  10. The hardest puzzles are clearly not on your site.

  11. In the first puzzle, why does black kamikaze its queen by taking on f1? Backing to f4 would still deprive white of his rook because if white take the black's queen, the pawn is there to recapture. Then on next turn, black king could escape to g6 threatening white's rook on c7 because queen is no longer pin.

    This kamikaze move is what I found confusing. I don't see the purpose.

  12. At least they were rated high. Worse to get an impossible puzzle with 20% pass rate rated 1800

  13. No, not really puzzles are shit, nothing to do with real playing,..
    That was me answering the dude if I enjoy this. I Prefer strategy lectures and analysis where I can actually improve .

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