The hardest chess puzzles

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0:00 intro
1:00 puzzle one
8:17 puzzle two
11:22 puzzle three

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  1. The tapping and scratching on this one is lovely!

  2. amazing, helpful, and breath taking video, keep up this amazing work

  3. Hmm 5:12, I don't think I understand what was said. So Kxc2 (right?), bxf5+, Kc3. I don't see "a series of checks no matter where you go" at that point. But I guess black would just Kg7, and the white's pawn is a goner?

    Oh… unless you mean, if you assume white does NOT play Kxc2? I which case, yeah I guess the rook and bishop are gonna take the king to check town. Is that what I missed?

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