The HARDEST CHESS PUZZLE Only One GM Could Solve But How Would You Do?

The hardest chess puzzler was said to have circulated In the S.W.I.F.T Chess Tournament in Brussels back in 1987 when Jim Plaskett introduced it to the GMs there. Timman was there, Garry Kasparov was there, Karpov was there but also Nigel Short, Hubner, Winants, Eugenio Torre, Ben Larsen, Viktor Korchnoi and also in this elite group, the one and only Mikhail Tal. But the entire group, only ONE GM managed to solve it but who was it in the end? Can you do better than the players who tried to solve this chess puzzle and failed?

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  1. how about knight e5 move? can someone tell me whats the variation that lead to losing white?

  2. The engine on my ipad was able to solve it.

  3. Tal took a peek of the position and solve it after a walk in the park

  4. Amazing puzzle. Thanks for the video.

  5. I have solved it before by myself. But then I knew that it was a win for white. Well, actually this is the second part of the puzzle. There is a first part.

  6. For those who asked for those lines we didn't look at, I am bringing out part 2 of this clip to cover them

  7. This puzzle demonstrates clearly the beauty of chess and also the weakness(s) of any engine considered up till now to be the best engine!!!

  8. Tal would solve this by sacrificing the opponents' king

  9. After c4b5 black has an aditional move if he does d8c6.

  10. I actually solved this really quickly like a minute of thinking

  11. Tal is a fuckn genius of chess. He had lots of issues with his health, but still managed to become a champion. He even began playing chess at the age when modern kids became grossmeisters. Also he needed least time to become a champion-only 10 years after he started playing chess. Correct me if i’m wrong

  12. i think you should promote to a knight

  13. Idk if I’m a genius.. I solved it in the first minute

  14. It would be helpful if you state plainly, have written at the bottom of the puzzle, what is the exact challenge. It appears to be, "White to play and win." Is that correct?

  15. I wonder if Alpha Zero could solve this puzzle or not

  16. Tal is the Best. Amazing πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  17. Bunlari bize cem abim anlatΔ±rdΔ± zamaninda

  18. Ur voice is terrible the puzzle was not that thought but because of ur voice it sounded horrible

  19. Title: Hardest chess puzzle, only one gm could solve
    Me: solve the puzzle in 20 seconds

  20. Arent you realizing ur checked and u kept moving other pieces

  21. stockfish 10 gives white +7.2 after Kh5 check

  22. After the white pawn promoted to Queen, black can play Kg4 instead of Nf7.. The solution is juz flawed..

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