The Groundhog’s Chess Puzzle – Episode 36

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0:00 – Story
0:50 – Puzzle
11:01 – More story

Puzzle FEN:
k1b5/Pp1p1ppp/1P1P1P1P/5p1K/5P2/3p1P2/8/2N5 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
A. Rusz and S. Hornecker, 2008


  1. I reckon the red pill they have is starting to work on Peter, saving it for Bobby, haven't found him yet :-(.

  2. On the queen trade line, don't take the pawn, unblock the king and push your pawn.

  3. hmm. the berries seem to be wearing off

  4. Nelson will post the same video again tomorrow… and the day after tomorrow….and the day after that….

  5. Dang, this was something else 🙂

  6. I had no idea that groundhogs could come up with such clever puzzles.

  7. At 3:05 it should be mentioned that the King side-stepping the pawn is no good because black can force a stalemate be capturing the f4 pawn or by pushing to f4 if the f4 pawn takes.

  8. I feel like they will meet each other soon
    By the way I have no idea how can this groundhog make a super complicate and extreme position like this. That just insane 😮

  9. Prediction on how this series ends: the dragon has a puzzle gun that shoots chess puzzles and if you don’t solve them you lose ELO and they ran out of elo and then they noclip into the chessrooms and then die.

  10. After 36 puzzle, i think they need some sleep

  11. Peter patzer is going to loose all its rating 🙁

    Please ahavr twist to stop this ….

  12. im waiting for peter to suddenly lose that 3500 rating, because that confusion is like forshadowing or something

  13. plot twist: episode 37 is an exact replica of episode 36 😄

  14. Fascinating! Just like a real groundhog burrow, this puzzle has a number of sneaky dead-ends to confuse would-be interlopers!
    Excellent study!

  15. Here's an idea for a future video:
    the heroes encounter a monster who traps them in their dungeon, and tells them: "we will play a chess game. If you lose, I will kill you. If you win, I'l let you live, and make you my slaves for the rest of your lives".
    So our heroes need to outsmart the monster by forcing a draw, that way the monster can't do anytning to them and must let them go.

    It would basically be like a showcase of a game, but our goal would be to force a draw (probably will an unexpected stalemate).

  16. At 2:45 you can also simply play Qg1+ as black, skewering white's queen. If Kxh7, you take the queen and white must take back, resulting in a stalemate. On any other king move, you capture white's queen and the h pawn is free to run once white takes the queen back.

  17. The groundhog could have been more specific, but that doesn’t matter because he’s adorable! I love cute rodents! Will we encounter more of them? How about a gerbil, a vole or a squirrel?

  18. Oh no… the ELO buff is wearing off 🙁

  19. how are just normal people and random animals just making good puzzles while i cant make a ggood one

  20. How the hell did that Bishop end up there

  21. 3:04 by any chance if anyone is wondering why you can't move the king and get a queen then take the bishop, that's because that black g pawn will move and capture f pawn and force stalemate, even if you take it, they will move the other f black pawn and next move is stalemate

  22. Μουχαρέμ Ιντζέ says:

    Warra cute groundhog…
    Amazing puzzle thanks

  23. Hey Nelson, a long time suggestion: Pls make a puzzle in which the characters have to find litteraly the worst move on the board. Pls refer to Samay Raina's video where GM's find the worst move with real difficulty

  24. i am guessing that in next episode bobby and peter potzer will meet each other in lost ruins, but really it is just a guess and not even a suggestion

  25. In Puzzle Island noone does anything for nothing

  26. yess finally the time codes were added 🥰👍🏻🤩

  27. Hi Nelson,

    Would it be possible to use the puzzles as a series of articles on a site I write a few articles for? It would be a Saturday morning puzzle (or weekly in another slot) replacement for the crossword that has now stopped. It would be just the puzzle and a written explanation. Your relevant video would be linked at the bottom, with a description to your Youtube channel etc etc as you see fit.

  28. They already met the dragon: dragon shapeshifted into hedgehog.

  29. I would love to see a puzzle as black

  30. it would be a cool idea to make chess variant puzzles like bughouse, duck, atomic, etc

  31. It has become apparent, certainly by now, that the main currency of this island is "chess puzzles"… 😂

  32. Theory: Peter Pawtzer's power is wearing off and he's starting to lose elo hence why he struggled with this puzzle. I think the same is going to happen with Bobby Fischerman but backwards, so he will gain elo.

  33. the first few moves are the hardest. Once you get past move 2, every move is more or less forced.

  34. Hi Nelson, 2.59 if white play Kh8 Qf6, white Qg7 and black Queen takes Qg7. Khxg7. Black pan can plays White takes pan Kf7 and white win


  36. I would like to see chess vibes adventure .please share video

  37. 3:08 but if you play king g7 and push the pawn, isn’t it a winning position? Because of the backrank

  38. 3:05 why can't you just trade queens, don't take the pawn, then promote?

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