The Greatest Forgotten Chess Puzzle

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Puzzle FEN:
2b5/4R3/5P2/5k2/5p1B/7P/ppp3P1/4K2R w K – 0 1

Puzzle Details:

The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. 6:15 what if black just pushes the pawn to queen instead of taking rook wont be able to take

  2. I played this against stockfish first castling

  3. Wouldn't qf4x be a good move for white? 7:49 mate in two I believe

  4. Thought I was clever for seeing the pawn to g4 forcing en passant but I missed the castle check and never would have gotten the rest of the puzzle lol. Great but very complex

  5. 7:24 has Qc2 forcing queen trade…but still winnable with bishop and rook….

  6. First puzzle was super easy to a point that I thought I was missing something πŸ˜… I always look for a way to check the king if I know that my king will be checked next move. It allows me to move pieces around the board and set up a counter while also taking away their moves by forcing them to run away eith their king
    Edit: wait wtf… how can the black pawn take the white pawn????? I've played chess for 3 years and thus is the first I've ever heard of this

  7. Move the white peon two spaces up, you check the king, so has to move from f5 to g6, move tower in front of king g7, only place left to move for the king is h6. Peon that moved two spaces finished the deal

  8. Black and play a draw position at 7:24mins in. Queen to f2. it forces a trade of queens. the line goes white queen f2, pawn f2, king f2, bishop f3.

  9. Bruh castling on a endgame is weird

  10. What about king to D2 for white to move on the first move so that way black never gets a queen without it being taken?

  11. theres an unwritten chess rule that says that you HAVE to en passant given the chance. even if its a bad move

  12. This isn't a good puzzle to look at as you can't tell if castling is an option or not

  13. I swear I've seen this one too but couldn't tell you where sadly

  14. After Bc1 it would be easier for white to trade queens and sacrifice the rook for the bishop at the right moment as white's h pawn promotes on a same color square as the bishop.

  15. The Greatest Forgotten Chess Puzzle speaks for itself

  16. Chess Vibes uploading chess puzzle videos speaks for itself.

  17. These puzzles where you have to randomly castle are really wierd. How could I have known, this was still an option?

  18. Thiscringyenglishmaybeinterestingvideoschannel says:

    Black be like: Let promote! PLS LET ME WIN!

  19. Lesson to learn – if you have one pawn ready to become a queen, don’t wait for 2 more.

  20. 2:12 what, what what is this sorcery? taking a pawn as if ????? thats cheating. what comes next? rooks behave like knights just because….?

  21. Man, you gotta tell if o-o or o-o-o are available. It is not possible to realise if those move are valid.
    Great Vid tho. Great as always

  22. suggestion: instead of immediately saying the correct move, give a hint "the key piece is a rook" or something like that.

    so. first one can pause and try to find the move without the hint. next , before you say the solution, you give the hint and another opportunity to pause, once you've told which piece is involved.

  23. Ah. Hidden castling. I hate those, since you canβ€˜t know if the move is legal.

  24. In this puzzle, It is very good exam that king safety is the most important. Despite has three extra pawn nearly promote, black lose. Fascinating!

  25. I said I didn't learn any chess besides the basic rules but this time I found the castling. It is a sudden realize "aren't both of them at their original position?"
    Yep castling should be considered available unless otherwise specified. But the "en passant checkmate in 1" episode you proposed before is really confusing. How do I know in that puzzle this en passant is available? Or in other words, since the puzzle is always based on real games shouldn't the previous opponent move be stated in the puzzle as well?

  26. I started writing comment how after Kh5, Rf5 is viable as you will be able to block queen check with Bc1 Discovery check and force mate that way. I thought i was So Smart, i would hang Rook in one move…. At least i now know what is the purpose of that Bishop

  27. That basically combines every weird rule in chess into one puzzle, ie
    – double pawn first move
    – En passant
    – Castling
    – Promotion and under promotion

  28. I knew that as soon as I saw the white king and rook's position in the thumbnail, that there was going to be a hidden castling move here

  29. What a stupid puzzle. You really don’t learn anything here. It’s so artificial and just gets your attention because of the 3 nearly promoting pawns. The scenario would be the same with only one pawn only then it’s a puzzle like every other one.

  30. 7:00 bro queen to f3 is check mate bishop to g4 can't stop the check mate. You just missed chek mate in 2.

  31. I love the thing that the bishop at c8 is just chilling and watching his king and pawns fight for the king's life

  32. Just to clarify: it's a convention in chess problems that castling is valid unless you can prove it isn't. The convention is made that way round, because, otherwise, problems wouldn't be able to involve castling, because you can't prove that castling is valid.
    In some problems it looks as if black may castle, but something about the position means you can prove that black has lost the right to castle, so white may do something which works, but would fail against castling.

  33. Yea, thought about this for like 15 minutes and never considered castling was still legal

  34. 7:24 , black moves queen to F2, forcing the trade and ultimately wins? Edit: It leads to situation where you have to choose between eating bishop or a pawn with the king, if you eat bishop you will lose and if you eat pawn it leads to draw.

  35. At 8:11 the checkmate could still be delayed
    If the black king move to Kh4 the white queen can try to move Qh6 for check
    Black queen can blocked Qh5 but the bishop for white will checkmated at Bf5#

  36. I hate castling in endgame puzzles so much, lol!

  37. Actually this puzzle shows the so-called "Valladao-Task": an en-passant capture, castling and pawn promotions in the same chess puzzle πŸ™‚

  38. Since it initially looked impossible, I realized that there had to be a castling move to gain tempo while protecting the king. πŸ™‚

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