The Giant’s Chess Puzzle – Episode 32

👉🏽 Say hello to 1500 ELO 📈

😎 Play Chess Here:

Help Mate In 3 FEN:
8/8/8/3k4/8/8/1N6/NK6 w – – 0 1


  1. Did you know? Youtube thinks this is Clash of Clans

  2. that red pill was really an important thing for bobby fischer especially it counters the blue apple and help cure bobby fischer and also a big savior among all the episodes

  3. The red pill is probably for bobby fischer when they meet him

  4. This was fun. I'd never heard of helpmates before. I'm glad I figured out (with no pausing) what black's king was doing, even if I didn't get the specific knight positions.

  5. Is it possible for a king and 2 knights to force a checkmate?

  6. And now we know how Martin Fisherman will return into Bobby Fisherman lol

  7. I wonder why their ratings do not improve unless they eat magic beans. They've been on chess island for 32 episodes and solved puzzles and played strong players for food..

  8. Bobby Fischer man rating will increase 90 percent

  9. That red 💊 will restore Bobby's rating but later I want to see the exciting battle between Peter Patzer (3500) against Bobby Fisherman (2800)!!!

  10. The help mate was not easy probably because were use to actual checkmate and the first comment is a good idea😁😁

  11. i thought bobby was going to visit his friends in patzer prison with 2800 elo and would made a deal with pawnpusher. If he won then pawnpusher would have let his friends go

  12. Youtube says that this is clash of clans lmao

  13. Items that can alter elo have some interesting worldbuilding implications. Perhaps the final boss of the island has been hoarding them?

  14. The pill will probably restore Bobby's rating

  15. That pill could help Bobby restore his rating back to his original 2100 rating

  16. This is seems like draw by insuffuering meterial

  17. I think that the island is a lie and the blue berries and blue apple are what will get them home (as bobby was the worst and peter was the best episode 1) and the red pill is actually meant to keep them on the island

  18. Is there also gonna be a blue pill that brings your rating down that Peter is gonna be forced to take for some reason? It would be consistent with the blue apple, maybe that’s what the blue pill is made of

  19. If possible will there be a episode where average Joe will eat/drink something that will multiply his rating by 2.2x?

  20. Such an awesome story never disappointed me and it leted me learn more chess skills thx alot

  21. Ah, blundering mate in 1, My specialty… The move for the warm-up is Rf8?? The move for the puzzle is Kc5, going to the edge.

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