The Gaming Warlords tackle chess puzzles, Hikaru and xQc Learn Together

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  1. "I am pumped. So I take the pawn and then queen is in check." lmao.

  2. They looks like Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson in Shanghai Noon

  3. So when is Hikaru going to be xQc's roommate?

  4. Good luck today against Ding! I've got a bet on for you to win, don't let me down! 😂

  5. One of the most patient GM ever teaching in a beginner way
    Nice Hikaru keep rocking!

  6. Please keep doing these! My favorite content on youtube atm! <3 respect

  7. All props to your patience hikaru, but you can really find more entertaining content than collabing with some famous toxic guy who scratched his balls and said hey lets try chess

  8. Nakamura is so patient. I would be like "f — k this, im getting some pizza"

  9. Can you do a series of these videos teaching players from 1000-2000 rating? I think it would be helpful to see the progression of ideas in developing play for a lot of people.

  10. this is awesome. xqc vs Magnus. It’s going to be a thing

  11. This should be a anime, Sensei chess master teaching his student

  12. "Hikaru is so patient. uwu"
    It also is great for his stream pple… Dont you see it lol. Money can make you very patient.

  13. xqc is like a son to hikaru, I'd love to see hikaru coaching xqc for a month and maybe someone coaching moxyy and make them play a game against each other

  14. I like Hikaru's face when xqc is about to make a fatal mistake

  15. Like a father watching his son growing up.

  16. Identity theft is not a joke, Jim. Millions of families suffer every year.

  17. I’m from vietnam i don’t know where is hikaru from but his name like japan

  18. I never would have expected for these collabs to be as entertaining as they are. You should try playing OW with him!

  19. Hikaru should try to win a match where he has to alternate playing moves with xqc

  20. These 'Hikaru tutors XQC' vids are working! Just dusted off my account for the first time in years.

  21. next time put the xQc part as the first part of the titel

  22. Theres going to be a tornado today

  23. I have been following hikaru and magnus games for very long time but since hikaru started streaming, I got to know how he is as a person. I am loving hikaru way and I hoped that hikaru should have won the Magnus invitational. Thanks hikaru for this wonderful channel and spreading the love for chess.♥️♥️

  24. I never thought I needed this collab until now

  25. It was probably requested before, but I personally would love it if the chat was included in the videos, it makes them much more entertaining.

  26. what is the name of the outro and intro song?

  27. I've been playing chess for thirty years, and I've used e.p. maybe five times; never once had it done to me.
    It's probably the closest thing chess has to a swag strat.

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