The Fishermans’ Chess Puzzle

Puzzle FEN:
1k6/6P1/3r3P/8/8/8/5K2/r7 b – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Kiryakov 2019

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  1. 8:58 i knew it was a sacrifice because I saw that the rook can skewer the queen if she takes it after you take the pawn and the king can’t get there and since there is a attack on the queen if black goes away from the check you take the queen and there isn’t a pawn defending it anymore

  2. Challenge: Bounty Chess

    Every 5 moves, one of your opponent's pieces (not pawns) is randomly chosen to be the bounty. If you capture the bounty, you get a queen and place it on the board yourself.

    However, your also get a bounty randomly from one of your pieces (not pawns) and they also get a reward queen if they capture it. You place the queen immediately after the bounty is captured.

    Rules for your opponent's bounty:

    1. If captured, the queen placement counts as a move, which means you can't move it after placement.

    Rules for your bounty:

    1. If captured, they can move their reward queen immediately after placement.

    2. You still get to choose where to place their reward queen, but..

    3. ..It is the bounty for 10 moves instead of 5.

    4. The bounty cannot remain idle for more than 1 move to avoid camping.

    If there are no pieces (not pawns) left, there are no bounties. Kings do not count of course, as well as the reward queens.

    Yea sorry if this is a lot to take in.. just remember you have these rules as handicaps that actually makes this a "challenge"

  3. Does anyone feel bad for the first guy tho man did nothing wrong but he can’t get off the island unlike the stock fish cheater

  4. I guess You just mistook 3rd Fisherman for some Stockfishman, didn't You?..

  5. So how many moves dos it take to solve in the worst scenario? Does Stockfish see the solution with relevant depth?

  6. Why does white keep moving up the board instead of going down?

  7. When the black king is on c6, after Rd7 Kf6 Rf6 what if Ke7? The mate threat no longer works.

  8. Nelson, how about you make an anti puzzle on April fool's day, what I mean by anti puzzle is 2 things, 1) force the opponent to checkmate you, regardless if the opponent is Martin or stockfish, they are forced to checkmate you, 2) almost all legal moves you have is mate in 1 move, but there is only 1 move that isn't mate in 1

  9. Great problem!
    First it was the chess club, the old man, the little girl, the boy using Stockfish and the club player. Now the old man and three fishermen. You know, if you keep the same cast, you could make this a series with recurring characters. That'd be cool.

  10. Not true bicose of the when he move black King last time White have a draw😅

  11. I love your "…, right? Wrong!" the same way I like that of Vsauce's Kevin

  12. I much preferred the less contrived stories. If it is going to be this contrived, then I'd rather just hear the puzzle

  13. Like this one, lots of examples of looking a couple of moves ahead but without the confusing noise of lots of pieces on the board

  14. Crucial thing to remember…it's BLACK'S turn first. If it were White's turn first he likely queens his g-pawn with check and doesn't give Black time to check his king with his rooks. But since this is Black's move first…🤔🤔…I gotta admit, I kinda like fisherman #3 here, this looks like a win for Black though I don't see the winning line as of yet. I will say the least believable to me is fisherman #1, how dare he blame you (Chess Vibes) for a White win, he hasn't heard of the scenarios where it's White to play and DRAW?! Pay attention in class next time!! 🤣🤣

    (edit: I had a feeling this was indeed a win for Black here. The process for disproving fisherman #1's assertion of a White win went just as I thought, why go pawn hunting when you can just go for the jugular (the king)?! Fisherman #2 I had to laugh that he used Stockfish and still got it wrong. I knew there was winning chances for Black, I just didn't see the move yet. Great stuff.)

  15. No one in the world would see all of that even if it was a world championship final puzzle.

  16. its a ladder for black at begining i dont need stockfish to know that

  17. The first fisherman gave me an idea. Have a puzzle where the turn player can move and the best he can do is make a move that will allow the other guy a mate in 7. However, said move makes the second player not only be allowed to have a mate in 7, but the "obvious" captures turn the game to win for the first player. You might have to take an existing puzzle and reverse the colors.

  18. it absolutely amazes me how people are able to solve puzzles like this! cycling the rooks like that to move your king one square at a time is absolutely genius

  19. Lovely problem, but the real question is why doesn’t StockFish see this below depth 19. It’s all too do with deep mates and pruning the search tree, but it’s still surprising. That said, SmallFish on my phone gets to depth 24 in under 2 seconds i finds the correct move, even if it never states “Mate in N”.

  20. Can someone Tell me why the White King at 7:29 doesnt play King to e6

  21. 8:54 I saw this line and literally smiled. Absolutely beautiful

  22. Congratulations the 3rd fisherman for the correct guessing. 🎊

  23. Damn, I was on the right way but couldn't find the follow up after Kf5. I mean, Rc8 followed by Red8 is such a weird and atypical idea.
    Btw, in the position at 12:50 instead of Ra8 couldn't we play Rh8 threatening to capture the h7 pawn?
    1. … Rh8 2. gxh8=Q Rxh8 3. Kf7 Rxh7+
    2. Kf7 Rxh7 3. Ke7 Rxg7+
    2. g8=Q Rhxg8 3. hxg8=Q Rxg8 (3. Kf7 Rg2)

  24. This is like when the teacher calls on you you answer correct but for the wrong reasons

  25. I thought that in 4th move you can bring rook to h8😅

  26. Is this puzzle taking into consideration 50 move rule or not?

  27. That's a lot if moves ! I didn't count, but is this not a draw because of 50 moves ?

  28. At 4:56 what if Kf3? After Rd8 (or is there something else?) Kf4 or Kg4 what should black do to win?

  29. Did the winner fisherman like have someone go and help the rest once they got back

  30. You are wrong when a rook went to stop the pawns the king can go to back one down and that's it a drow

  31. when you're chasing the king he can just keep repeating moves

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