The Fellowship Of The Ring ( Chess Puzzle )


  1. The main motive is to reach the king on the f7 square…c8=Knight, Rh8 (if Kh8 then also Ne7 and again Kh7 and the same position will occur)Ne7, Rg8, Kg2, Rh8, Kxh1 Rg8, Kg2, Rh8, Kf3, Rg8, Ke4, Rh8, Kd4, Rh8, Kc5, Rh8, Kb6, Rg8, Kb7,Rh8, Kb8 (this is important bcoz suddenly if Kc8 then Rook will never be captured!) Rg8, Kc8, Rh8, Kd8, Rg8, Ke8, Rh8, Ke7 and the only move Rg8 and Then Nxg8 and after Kh8, Kxf8 and all the pawns will Falter and eventually white would win This sequence contains a sum of 16-17 moves

  2. You promote to a knight, then play Ne7 and black has no way to free any of his pieces (Kh8 Nh7 doesn't work because of Nxg6#) Now your king can run around the board doing whatever it wants to because it has all the time in the world

    At some point you will play Kd8 while the black king is on h7. Then you will trade your knight for their rook and get your king to e7 or e8. If they move their king they lose their knight and if they move their knight they lose their d-pawn and yours will promote

  3. Thank you for your video man👍 I'm a chess novice tho I'm enjoying your videos

  4. White from c7 to c8, should be cakewalk after that

  5. Stockfish didnt saw white can win??????? Impossible!!!!!

  6. 1. c8=N Rh8 2. Ne7 Rg8 3. Kg2 Rh8 4. Kxh1 Rg8 5. Kg2 Rh8 6. Kf3 Rg8 7. Ke3 Rh8 8. Kd4 Rg8 9. Kc5 Rh8 10. Kb6 Rg8 11. Kc7 Rh8 12. Kd8 Rg8 13. Nxg8 Kxg8 14. Ke8 Kh7 15. Kxf8 Kh8 16. Ke7 Kg8 17. Kxd7 Kf7 18. Kc8 Kg8 19. d7 Kf7 20. d8=R Ke7 21. Rd1 Kf8 22. Kd7 Kf7 23. Rf1+ Kg8 24. Ke7 Kh7 25. Kf8 Kh8 26. Rh1# 1-0

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