The Eagle’s Chess Puzzle – Episode 15

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0:00 – Story
1:38 – Chess Puzzle

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  1. average joe i think can go to 2000 puzzle rating but peter pazter need bobbys help or maybe a new fisherman that came on the island

  2. “2000 is too hard for a 700 and 1400”
    Me being 900 and having a puzzle rating of 2600: sneaky smile

  3. You can rotate this 8-queen position 3 times, and mirror it and then rotate. So You'll found 8 positions at once

  4. im 1000 rating and found it like in 1 min because quenns dont move in a L shape and boom

  5. I wish ı was with Middle Joe stuck in eagle prison

  6. nice puzzle from the eagle king… i hope that Peter Patzer and Average Joe don't drop the soap!

  7. I remember wrestling with this puzzle early on in my chess journey; it's very satisfying to complete – especially if it keeps you out of patzer prison! (Although, to be honest, the Cloud City would be near the top of my visiting list – so I would probably blunder on purpose just to get a free ride there!)

  8. There are 92 solutions to this problem. Or if you consider reflections ast the same, there are 12 solutions of unique nature.

  9. I saw this puzzle in a book a long time ago. If I recall there's not one unique solution to this. There's at least 70 different solutions apparently, and a book was published on this puzzle.

  10. Well this was surprisingly easy xDD didn't expect it to be

  11. there multiple ways i have tried thats why avrage joe is intermidiete and not advanced room and you could make so a lucky charm in peters room that will give him a lot of luck in chess

  12. So nothing on the World chess championship Nelson???

  13. I have a puzzle rating of 1800 and a normal (rapid) rating of 800. Help!

  14. Here is one that even Peter Patzer should be able to solve: Place 32 knights on a chessboard so that no two knights attack each other,

  15. Bro I literally watched Numberphile's video on this and went to sleep to wake on this video! There are 92 proofs the matrix is real.

  16. My solution, reading the queen's rows (ranks) from left to right is:

    5 1 8 6 3 7 2 4

    I found it by starting with each queen in a different row/column (using a lot of knight moves), then trading the rows of two queens at a time until all diagonals were clear

  17. trick question all the queens are the same color so they're not attacking each other

  18. i could get 7 but not all 8, so infuriating

  19. Now imagine a piece we'll call a maharaja which combines the powers of a rook and a knight. It is not possible to place eight maharajas on an 8×8 chessboard so that none are attacking each other, but it IS possible to place ten maharajas on a 10×10 chessboard so that none are attacking each other. Can you find one way to do it?

  20. I actually had this chess puzzle in my math book

  21. (Edit: Just realized my logic here doesn't quite hold — it is sufficient to find a solution, but it isn't the only way to do so. You can take zero pawns with a queen if another queen has taken that file on a diagonal.)

    The idea I came up with was to use the white pawns for my "queens," and put all the black pawns on the eighth rank. Start on the first rank and put a queen down; then eliminate whatever black pawns it can attack. Do the second rank (making sure it's safe from the first queen), the third (making sure it's safe from the first two), etc.

    Each new queen is going to eliminate at least one black pawn (because each queen needs its own file, so it takes the pawn on that file). Therefore, if you ever take two pawns at once, you're going to run out of pawns by the time you reach the back rank, and you won't have any place to put the last queen. Each new queen must remove one and only one pawn.

    This makes it way easier to see when you make a mistake that will block you out. (And it shows how Peter lost with his very first queen; a queen in the corner takes two pawns instantly.)

  22. It doesn't end here. 8 queen problem has 92 solutions, means there are 92 and only 92 ways of placing 8 queens on the chess boards such that they do not threaten each other. Can you find them all?

  23. My friend asked me this 8 queen puzzle a long time back and I completed it in my first attempt even when I didn't know the puzzle from before.

  24. On the 8 Queens puzzle, I found: @Qa5, @Qb7, @Qc2, @Qd6, @Qe3, @Qf1, @Qg4 & @Qh8.

    a1, b7, c4, d6, e8, f2, g5, h3. Wow.

  26. seen this puzzle in a university course on AI, specifically on hill-climbing. the 8 queens puzzle is a classical example of a hill-climbing problem.

  27. maybe queen h3 g6 f2 e5 d8 c1 b7 a4 for the 8 queen one? that nelson was talking about at 2:10 did it from blacks perspective

  28. I figured this out but a different set up: G1, B2, F3, C4, A5, D6, H7, and E8

  29. Series idea: Bobby comes in clutch and after winning the tournament he waited to claim his price and went to save his friends, and had to win the eagle king in a puzzle battle

  30. So the festival of the competition was to go to a eagle!

  31. The real question is: how many correct solutions are there in total?

  32. i solved it easly first chess book i have read had same puzzle

  33. Did anyone of those fishermen have a smartphone with Stockfish? It wouldn’t help here, but it’s a good start for the continuation. Peter and Joe might start cheating! And then, of course, make matters worse for themselves! And yes, I still vote for leaving those guys behind. For dramatic reasons.

  34. My puzzle rating 1834, I’m still stuck in that prison 😆

  35. i solved it in another way (1:A5 2:B7 3:C1 4:D3 5:E8 6:F6 7:G4 8:H2)

  36. I got 7 queens… down. Is it possible? Watching to find out.

  37. Well known puzzle. You can do 7. 8 is impossible.

  38. Not gonna lie, this puzzle seems mathematically challenging as well. I believe there should be some really interesting maths technique related to permutations and combinations, I believe.

  39. @Nelson READ pls. This is a famous puzzle that has been around for centuries, and has been of interest for mathematicians and later Computer Scientists in its various forms. You'd definitely see forms of this in any college algorithms class (which Average Joe seems to have taken, as he knows backtracking! 🙂 ). Wikipedia has a nice page on it, and it is interesting from the algorithmic point of view how to generate all solutions to this. You can consider other variants, like kinghts not attaking each other, rooks, bishops etc, and what is the maximal number of such pieces that can be fit on an n×n board. Maybe you can get ideas for new puzzles to include in your story by checking out all this. To me this was very interesting to see in your videos (as I am a University Professor…). And, last but most certainly not least, I think this was a !! Move on your part to.create this story series! 🙂 !! !! !! Looking forward for it!

  40. an alternative solution that I got:

    a4, b8, c5, d3, e1, f7, g2, h6

  41. N-Queens Backtracking Algo anyone? No? Just a programmer thing? Alright

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