The Day Hikaru Didn’t Miss A Single Time In Puzzle Rush

The Day Hikaru Didn’t Miss A Single Time In Puzzle Rush

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  1. When he said wait a second he actually took a second.

  2. If you play back at 0.75x speed he sounds drunkkkk lol

  3. Bruh editor is pushing it, hikaru gets distracted after 49 should be the title

  4. Waiting for the final level, where it’s just a plain starting board

  5. bro i dont even understand what he is doing.

  6. I need to watch first 20 puzzles at 0.5 speed just too see his moves.

  7. Where is part 2? I need solution to that last puzzle 🤔🙂

  8. it´s gona be wedding via stream…. botez nakamura 😀

  9. Yooooo! Let’s gooo. I really wanted to see this but I didn’t know how and I missed it. I also wanted To see your one with Gotham and I saw it on more gm hikaru!

  10. This man cant stop talking about how tired he is not

  11. hikaru at the first sounds like a ASMRtist ngl

  12. me doing puzzles: yay i did a 600 puzzle
    hikaru: check check check mate thats mate, lets mate then mate, check, take the queen, checkmate, check, fork check check draws 23 arrows and looks at ceiling lets just go for it
    draws 158 arrows i think this is it

  13. I slowed down the playback to 0.25 just so I could follow along with the puzzles, now I'm just listening to Hikaru slowed down and it's very funny.

  14. Imagine doing puzzle arena against Hikaru,you would solve one puzzle and look at his score and see he already solved 20.

  15. He went to 39 then stopped to read some gossipy stuff? Wtf was that? I thought this video was gonna be his high score, or the most he’s ever gotten in a row without missing…. weak

  16. Wait what is the "Obvious Reason" Faze didn't give him an offer?

  17. I love hikaru but he gets too distracted with people faking him on chat.

  18. I have to watch this video on .25x speed to even be able to learn from it. Absolute savage.

  19. He did sort of miss one though, only it was check and he couldn't play that move as he had to get out of check first. I know it probably doesn't count since his record is flawless, still…

  20. Hikaru: "I don't know, I guess it's this move"
    *Puzzle solved

    Me: "I don't know, I guess it's this move"
    *Computer lights on fire

  21. I used to feel like a legend till Hikaru solved the 10:00 one… 47 is my record

  22. 8 Hrs of Sleep is the Sweet Spot

    Anything above that, I feel Golden. 😂

  23. Any one know what the last one is? Seems like it could be, Qf5-Bb4-Bxe1 maybe

  24. "Magnus making it the finals is expected but beyond that" if only he knew

  25. Can anyone tell me the music in the background it’s around 1:00 is where it is.

  26. i had to play whole video in 0.5 so i can keep up with has speed

  27. YouTube needs to make a playback even slower than 0.25X specially for Hikaru’s puzzle rush….

  28. Hi Hikaru, Love ur vids. Just wanted to let you know that you looked like you lost so much weight.

  29. He already solved the puzzle, while I haven't even located all the pieces yet

  30. Terrible place to end the video, editor.

  31. please, please ignore these chat morons while playing

  32. i really like you hikaru reason is that you look like my couzin..haha..

  33. At age 8
    After beating my friend i thought i am king of chess across world
    But after watching hikaru's and magnus gameplay
    I can't imagine my childhood

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