The Day Hikaru Didn’t Miss A Single Time In Puzzle Rush

The Day Hikaru Didn’t Miss A Single Time In Puzzle Rush

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  1. The only problem i wanted Hikaru to solve was the one he didnt solve -_-

  2. You should title all your videos whatever it is you happen to repeat over and over like rain man. This video should be called “I’m gonna splash some water on my face” or “I know I look tired”. Maybe a combination of the two

  3. Wish he can do this with his full attention and at full power

  4. Oh come on.. he’s not even looking at the board.. it’s like the puzzles are looking at Hikaru and getting solved by themselves

  5. Just struggled to get a PB of 34 and he just blows right on by that with no effort lmao

  6. its just a question of time before being called a bot is a positive thing


  8. I like how even in the puzzles he premoves 😂

  9. Hikaru – I am best puzzle solver
    Vidit gujrati – Am I joke to you

  10. He did make the wrong move at 7:49 He tried to move his queen while he was in check. Trash…

  11. computer: omg i made a good puzzle hikaru is thinking! hikaru searching up if the botez sisters are a team in i am not a gm

  12. this was edited so u only can wonder what it was

  13. What does Jibading mean?
    He keeps saying it.

  14. You could change the title to "everyday" and it would still have the same meaning

  15. Plot twist: it was not hikaru who did it, it was stockfish in his ceiling.

  16. @ 05:21, What the hell is going on with the queen getting white there?

  17. The most relatable part was when he tried to make a move and then realized he was in check

  18. Watching Hikaru do puzzles makes me want to quit chess. 😒

  19. I’m only 6min in and I’ve watched the same 2 ads 6 times each.

  20. Better, if you watch at half speed. Agreed, Hikaru's language is kinda strange at half speed, but you have a chance to understand a part of the problem while he solves it.

  21. Last puzzle: Qf5+, King d2, Bb4+, king moves, Bishop takes queen

  22. I don’t get how you see checkmate before most people can even think about what they would play.
    Incredible play.

  23. The editing of this clip is so bad, dislike

  24. The last position i think just go qf5 and then if black king move to d2 and white play bishop d4, if black king move to e2 and then white move queen to e4 and just move the bishop

  25. Watch at 0,25 speed to see a completely stoned Hikaru solve puzzles at the pace where you can actually see some of the moves

  26. Даа , это просто гений , я даже не знаю Шахматы это талант или всё таки можно натренироваться и играть отлично в эту игру, но мне интуиция подсказывает что всё таки талант , потому что это как и игра на гитаре если есть талант то будешь играть , Хикару это пример таланта и интелекта несомненно , не каждому дано играть в шахматы так же шикарно как это делает он

  27. Such a throwback. Glory days of chess streaming. So little drama. So much G Fuel.

  28. the world gonna change if Hikaru misses puzzle

  29. "There is asians watching at new zealand and australia" 💀💀💀

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