The Chef’s Puzzle – Episode 25

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0:00 – Story
1:37 – Chess Puzzle

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  1. Remember when that girl eat the blueberries in Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory? Well did anyone think to give her a chess puzzle? No they didn’t, they just rolled her fat blueberry-but out

  2. Why didn’t Average Joe eat the berries????

  3. Magic berries + Bob Fisherman = the ultimate player

  4. Bobby fischerman + magic blue berries =stockfish😂

  5. At 6:06 black can give Q d3 check and draw the game? No one has noticed this? Shocking???

  6. the chef looks like a war veteran whos seen stuff

  7. I wonder how this ‘cheff’ got in prison in the first place

  8. Wonderful puzzles…amazing how human brain comes up with these kind of puzzles. Thanks for sharing 😊

  9. At 6:05, it looks like black can go to H6 to either force white backwards into perpetual check or to continue to C6 if white comes to B7 … but A7 for white actually ends up winning as there is literally no follow-up check (somehow) for black. Not included in the puzzle explanation but interesting.

  10. Sooo why cant black check from above denying white the access to the back rank with the king?

  11. 6:38 prolly stockfish checked but Qa4? Treatening mate and perp

  12. A little of everything and Orange Juice says:

    Ah yes, the best way to learn chess: eat magic berries

  13. Peter is such a good chess player he got a prison named after him

  14. What if the black go-to b7 check then a8 is that check mate

  15. At 7:25 the black queen could have gone to g4 and that would have changed
    1. White doesn't have any good checks
    2 they cant get another queen because the pawn is pinned
    3. They only have a king move and after which black can again start checking them

    If your interested i actually follow up moves for black after king move
    I think in most cases black gives a perpetual check

  16. Can someone explain why the queen couldn't just go to d3 and get to the b5 square again at 5:55?

  17. 6:06 had 3 possible checks and only one of them was explored, the move to A2. Decided to look them over– If the queen moves to D3 or E2 to check the king, then white moves up to A7. From this position, the only checks black has are on green squares. And from any of those positions, when white moves to B8, any further checks are also on green squares, keeping the queen off of the vital A6/B5 squares.

  18. so sad for Average Joe since he did not get to try the berries

  19. only their Elo increases? not their skill?

  20. How do you get such images of chef , etc , which have a particular commmon style ,
    Whats the source ?

  21. With that 5x berry Im gonna become a 650 elo player 😂

  22. the berries actually do nothing. the 3500 elo was in him the whole time

  23. man what are these goofy bed time stories at the start

  24. At 6:13 the black queen can check by Qd3 instead of Qa2 and still be able to get to that a6 square right? Can someone tell where am I going wrong. A sample line for example is after white Qa6, Qd3, Qa7, Qd4, Qb8, Qb6, Qc8 and then black can come to a6 and give perpetual checks.

  25. At the 6:08 there was one other valid chack and that is queen to D3 … this move is better for black because regardless of what white plays next black queen is gonna make it to A6 in time to chack white king to death … meaning this puzzle don't have any solution for white 😅

  26. PLs do not start talking right away, have to unmute you first after pushing "skip ads"

  27. imo joe should have eaten the berries, to get double that elo

  28. So if Average Joe eats those berries his elo would be 1400*5=7000? With that elo he would probably solve the entire game of chess from any position xD

  29. Great episode! The berries are like the memberries from South Park that help you remember end game tactics…"I MEMBER"

  30. wow, peter patzer is now better than bobby fischerman

  31. I am new but have a question! Instead of qa2 check can we do qd3 check? This would result into the perpetual check I guess! Time stamp 6:14. Lmk please

  32. I always look forward to these puzzles, and this one definitely did not disappoint. That was an incredibly precise puzzle, loved it.

  33. Why can't the queen go to D3 and infiltrate b5 anyways?

  34. The berries made them better than stock fish.

  35. Well I'm confused. At timestamp 6:07 why can't the black queen go-to d3 instead of a2, get the check and then walk up the board?

  36. I imagine blueberries will become more popular after this :D.

  37. hope we don't have to wait 7 days for the next episode

  38. I was wondering how Peter would ever reach the necessary level to escape… good plot twist

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