The Boy’s Chess Puzzle – Episode 33

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Puzzle FEN:
8/pp6/kp1p2p1/1p1P2P1/7P/1P5p/1P2K3/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
M. Zinar, 2013


  1. 5:19 what if white plays Qxh1? Then if black plays a6 it's checkmate with Qa1#…..

  2. Never expected this chess channel to get political 😅

  3. 5:18 you could capture black queen with your queen and then Qa1 was mate

  4. 5:18 If Queen takes queen the king has to go to a6 (otherwise you go to a1 after the opponent would have pushed the pawn and it would be checkmate) and then goes to a7 escaping, but then it's still winning and you have to the queen. Am I missing something?

  5. Hello sir you talk about last two options to sacrifice queen but need not to sacrifice we simply take h pawn just chech it

  6. I'm OK at chess (1400), but I LOVE the story line. Keep on creating excellent content. Can't wait to see which direction this goes.

  7. 5:18 That's mate in 3 if you take the queen with your queen, if they push the pawn Qa1 is mate and if they go Ka6, you go Qh7 to deliver mate on a7 next turn

  8. 5:37 haha I totally missed that. I was thinking it was a trick question. Very clever! Amazing puzzle overall!!

  9. 8:09 isn't Kg3 winning here? We'd still get a knight before they get a queen.

  10. Couldn't the queen take instead of the king when the black queen promotes BC then it's mate in 1 right?

  11. 5:17 correct continuation is black plays h2, Kg2 h1=Q, Kxh1 Ka5, h8=Q a6

  12. 5:18 couldn't you take the black queen with your queen and then play Qa1# on the next move?

  13. If white plays f2 or f3 and then gets checked by the pawn coming down the e column, can't white just move their king to g3 to attack the other pawn and prevent it from being promoted? The pawn in the e column, if promoted to a queen, won't be able to block the kinght move.

  14. at the end of the next episode make sure they fail the puzzle and when the creature tries to eat them up, a stardestroyer comes suddenly out of hyperspace and uses it cannons to kill the monster and then a shuttle comes to pick them up and then they meet darth vader and thats where we will pick up the story next(hopefully this happens!?)

  15. We get the "Happy Adventures on the chessboard" sign-off on this channel. A subtle touch.

  16. I didn't solve the puzzle. I wish I could get some of those magical berries! I have eaten every kind of berries that I could get my hand on and nothing.

  17. A usual transitional moment of the story, but a very unusual puzzle this time. That's a bit unfortunate. Such a puzzle should have been used for a special occasion.

  18. There is a different line, that i cant find a refutation to: 1.Kf2 or Kf3, b4 2.Kg3, b5 3.Kxh3, b6 4.Kg2, Ka5 5.Kf2, a6 6.h5, gxh5 7.g6, h4 8.g7, h3 9.g8N, h2 10. Ne2, h1N+ 11.Kf3, Nf2/g3 12.Nc6 mate

  19. When white has the queen in the corner, and black gets the queen to sacrifice, couldn’t white capture with the queen, threatening check on A1?

  20. (@5:19) After black plays 1 … h1=Q+, you just take with the queen 2 Qxh1! Now if black moves 2 … a6??, 3 Qa1+! So black has to move 2 … Ka6 so that on 3 Qa1+, black’s king can escape 3 … Kb7. White then makes the time-wasting move 4 Qa2 (important that the queen stay on the a-file!) and black is now in zugzwang. He wants to protect the a7 pawn, but not allow white’s queen to get to a6. The only moves which don’t immediately lose the a-pawn are 4 … Ka8 or 4 … Kb8. Either one allows 5 Qa6, but which is better for black? 4 … Kb8? loses after 5 Qa6 (with BLACK to move!) Either 5 … Ka8??, 6 Qc8+, or 5 … Kc7, 6 Qxf7+ and it’s all over. So 4 … Ka8, 5 Qa6 Kb8 and it seems like now black can eke out a draw as the king covers b7 and c8, with white to move. But white doesn’t have to move his queen – any king move wins here: 6 K<any> and now black is in zugzwang again, as we’re now back to the same position after the line above (4 … Kb8?) with – again- black to move!

  21. At 5:13 black needs to play a6 first (instead of h7) to “lock the door” and preserve the stalemate threat for if white ever takes their h pawn.

    Otherwise whites queen can take blacks queen on h1 after promotion and have an easier mating net.

  22. The problem in any line, is that black can take the white pawn when it reaches h5. Now white will get a queen on the g8 square instead of the h8 square and white won’t be able to either capture the newly minted black queen on h1, nor do the Qe5 sacrifice!

  23. "Row boat"?? LOL! I was hearing "robot" (english is not my mother language😂)
    Anyway, great content, as always. Keep it coming!!

  24. This is the same idea from 1 of the Sea Monster’s puzzles.🧩 The boy is cute.

  25. (1) The titles of this adventure remind me of the names of the chapters in Canterbury Tales ("The Knight's Tale", "The Squire's Tale", etc.)

    (2) 9:05 There's always a difficulty that comes up.

    (3) 9:05 Will the creature from the Black Lagoon look like this?

    (4) Actually, the explanation of why 1. Kf1 wins and Kf2 and Kf3 don't (7:55) isn't quite right. Black could play

    [SPOILER alert]

    1. … b4 2. h5 b5 3. h6! b6 4. h7 Ka5 5. a8=Q a6 6. Qe5! dxe5 7. d6 e4 8. d7 e3 9. d8=N! e2+. However, the timing still works out: 10. Kxe2 h2 11. Nb7 (or c6) mate.

  26. Chess

    You’re so so awesome I love your videos and how you go into them. Smashing flippin cool it is just like you

  27. They bout to be real confused when they finally get that raven message lol

  28. At 8:09 what's wrong with instead of capturing the pawn you just move the king closer to the other pawn

  29. Hey Nelson, at 5:19 you can just take the queen with your own queen and not the king and can still win,
    I have confirmed it by playing this position against stockfish too

  30. 5:18 What if queen takes the pawn, black plays pawn to a6 and then the queen goes to a1?

  31. Your biopic trailer would be narrated by the epic voice guy and start, "In a world… where chess puzzles guard the world´s secrets. A young man ventures to discover the world was not what it seemed…"

  32. only nelson comment plz!

    so, nelson, are you going to make a adventure series episode with DARTH VADER in it after the creature incident?

  33. At 5:19, what if you capture the black Queen with the white Queen instead of the king?

  34. keep this going until at least episode 100

  35. Wait, I'm confused… at 5:16 it looks like white could take black's Queen with their queen (not king), then deliver mate on A file?

  36. bad example instead og Kxh1 Qxh1 wins after a6 and Qa1++

  37. Great puzzle, I've seen variations of this, but you are missing some subtleties in the forced nature of Qe5 dxe5 and the king placement. I missed that entirely first hand, mind you… I saw the stalemate idea and the concept behind h8Q-Qe5, as well when Black actually captures on h5 you can promote g to a knight and Ne7-c6#.

    First off, Black can just keep the pawn on h3 and threaten h2-h1 when it matters: White has no access to the back rank from either g8 or h8, so after promotion Black shuts the cage first: now White can attempt to go around with lets say 6.Qc8 h2 7.Qc1 h1Q!: with the king on f3 this is check and White has to take with stalemate. With the king on f2, Black is simply up two pawns so White may as well take the draw. Also, 7.Qxa6+!? Kxa6 8.Kg2 h1Q+ 9.Kxh1 and White prevented stalemate, but the position is completely stuck anyway.

    So that's why the 6.Qe5 dxe5 line is forced for White, and with the king on f3 or f2 Black takes advantage of this, as after the check White can't play Kg3 to move away and threatening h3, as e1Q+ comes with check. With the king on f1, Black's forced to either starting pushing h3 eventually forcing dxe5, or play that straight away and be a move short to stop Nb7#/Nc6#.

  38. Only chess OG's know that Nelson had already posted this puzzle😁😅

  39. after moving Kf2 or Kf3, if the pawn on the e line checks the king, does the king have to take? why not just move to the g line controlling the pawn on the h line? Kg1 for example… and if the pawn pushes, just take it and deliver the checkmate with the knight?

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