The Botanist’s Chess Puzzle – Episode 28

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Puzzle Details:
Kasparyan, 1958

Puzzle FEN:
1k6/8/8/BK5B/1P6/5pq1/8/4R3 w – – 0 1


  1. Challenge: Power chess
    Every 5 moves, you must power one of Martin’s pieces(not pawns) adding one of that piece to every square around it that doesn’t have a piece or pawn on it.
    You must choose a piece that has at least 2 empty squares around it if you cannot do so you lose.
    Good luck!

  2. I accidentally got here early I was just checking the new channel

  3. found every move and surprisingly the second rook check took me the longest as I was distracted trying to stop the pawn or lure the queen onto a square where it could be forked. Nice checkmate and also I like the sign off at the end too, happy adventures on the chessboard!

  4. No caterpillar? BOO! HISS! And the crowd throws tomatoes:-(

  5. Thanks for continuing this series.I love it so much. It was one of the things that got me into your channel in the first place.

  6. Hi Nelson, could you tell whose art are you using in these videos? A source or credit to the artist(s) would be nice πŸ™‚

  7. I have a feeling that Bobby Fisherman and his friends will never escape the puzzle island.

  8. But this is not where we left the last episode?

  9. The episodes in the playlist are out of order

  10. Love the continuation of the series. Look forward to see what happens next.

  11. one thing – you still have the chess vibes logo around

  12. 3:29, natural question is why doesn't Qg8 stop the threat? Answer is, it does, but now white has Re8+ anyway, because it's defended by the bishop, so actually now it's just a fork for white that picks up the queen.

  13. Also Nelson, two bits of feedback. First, since this is a puzzle focused channel, I'd love it if you'd go back to the more in-depth style from some of your older chess puzzle videos. I really liked seeing the more detailed lines. I find myself stopping in a lot of the videos to fill these in, and it's fun, but I also miss hearing your explanations of the finer points.

    Second, I think it's cool you gave your new channel its own signing off bit from the other one. It's nice that they have their own identity.

  14. I sure the botanist wants the treasure and he cah help catching the caterpillar because he is botanist

  15. Nice checkmate. Somehow I kept thinking after the easiest move to figure out (Re8+ to begin the puzzle), White's next move was going to be something else other than obvious rook harassments with check. But as it turned out, harass the king you must because of the queen and potential (and actual) second queen.

  16. This checkmating patern is definitely one for the ages

  17. Nice video,and what anice mate in 2 at the end.πŸ˜ƒ

  18. There are 2 more moves that came to my mind. At 3:39 if they try 1. ,…Qf2 we play 2.Bb6,Qc2+ 3.Bc5,Qa4+ 4.b5 and there are no more checks and he can't stop Rd8#. And at 4:54 1.Bxf3 seems like a winning move as we threaten to move our king which is crushing. The problem is 1. ,…Qb7+!. We can't take the queen because it's a stalemate, so we move the king and we lose the bishop. I think the final position is a draw as I can't find a way to push the pawn without getting perpetual checks.

  19. Wait a minute caterpillar is related To the botanist right?

  20. Plz, don't forget this series, I love it so much.

  21. Why does the bottom middlde logo still say chess vibes?

  22. The botanist is trying to lure Bobby into a trap to steal the key, I can feel it

  23. Hey in the next video can you do a short recap of everything that's happened? I'm starting to forget lol

  24. I think there was another variation (well, technically two) that should have been considered: If after Kc6 black played Qg8 (which also makes Kb8 or Kc8 possibilities after Re7+ rather than just Ka8). If still Ka8 before, we have Re8+, Qxe8+ and the variation transposes. If instead Kb8, then Re8+, Qxe8+, Bxe8, f2, and Bc7+!, with Kc8 leading to Bg4#, Ka7 leading to Bb6+ winning f2, and Ka8 allowing Kb6, f1=Q, Bc6#. Lastly, if Kc8, then Re8+, Qxe8+, Bxe8, f2, Bc7, f1=Q, and Bd7# (technically, Kb8 allowing Bb6 is more resilient).

  25. Really love this series, thanks for making it

  26. Are you uploading daily on this channel? I love this series, keep it up.

  27. my favorite part of our channel is the chess adventure series

  28. Can you please do more middle game puzzles? I always lose at the middle game

  29. Such an entertaining series, been following since the very beginning. I've always wondered tho, how do you make the illustrations for various characters, is it the ai or someone else helping you out?

  30. Thanks Nelson for a very nice series. Please could you reveal how many episodes the series will be?

  31. the botanist is in league with the caterpillar

  32. This man works hard on his videos who can't like them

  33. What an awesome video love it.

    All your videos mate are flippin cool and awesome and that that is a understatement and a half

  34. the botanist is in fact, dread pirate westley who can thrive quite easily after defeating the ROUSs.

  35. I bet you that the botanist loves checks, because he always checks his plants

  36. I really hate these animations! Please end this!

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