The Bear’s 3 Chess Puzzles – Episode 8

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Puzzle 1 FEN:
N7/p7/PPkp4/1pp2np1/7p/2PP3p/8/4K3 w – – 0 1

Puzzle 1 Details:
Gurgenidze, 1972

Puzzle 2 FEN:
4b3/k7/8/K7/2r4p/7P/8/3R4 w – – 0 1

Puzzle 2 Details:
Herbstman, 1961

Puzzle 3 FEN:
8/8/8/8/Q2p1ppk/7p/1p4PK/5bB1 w – – 0 1

Puzzle 3 Details:
Herbstman, Nadareishvili
1968, 1st Prize

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0:00 – Story
1:36 – Chess Puzzle 1
5:35 – Chess Puzzle 2
9:18 – Chess Puzzle 3

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  1. Legend has it that Peter Patzer became a GM after solving the first puzzle

  2. ᚱᚨᛒᚨᚾ ᛞᛖᚱ ᛒᛚᚨᛃᚺᚺᛖ says:

    Coincidentally, "Patzer" means also "blunder" in German

  3. Funny how Bobby Fischerman became a seasoned chess player in the matter of minutes

  4. After black plays f2 why can't white moves the queen to e4 to avoid both mating threats?

  5. I solved the last puzzle and mind was blown away

  6. There was a problem with the 3rd puzzle bc instead of pushing the pawn checking the king, it could of promoted to a queen, king takes and then black gets a queen

  7. Is it normal being a 800 rated and still being able to solve these puzzles?

  8. Peter Patzer paused a puzzle of pawns and ponies.

  9. Heh! I was just thinking that it would be cool to have each character try to solve a puzzle on their own – but then said to myself, 'nah, that would be too fiddly for Nelson'
    I'm glad to be wrong! These were great puzzles – especially the last one – and the story is the best part.
    Were there 3 puzzles because of the 3 bears from the goldilocks fairy tale or is that just coincidence?

  10. Not gonna lie, I was expecting the one fisherman to be named "Martin" until I saw the ELO. 😂

  11. The bear was Kasparrov. 😉😇

  12. greetings from germany, guys – and nelson. patzer is also the german word for blunder – just saying 🙂

  13. In chess puzzle 2 white still draw with rook d2 right ?

  14. Puzzle 2: what if white's first move is Rook to d4?

  15. 8:56 What if they don’t?

    Edit: Oh yeah you just win by queening.

  16. Puzzle 3, after black played f2, I was like oh white can play Qg4+ and after Kxg4 Kg2 gxh2 Kxh2 f1=Q it's a stalemate but I forgot black could underpromote to a rook instead.

  17. Nelson, you are the best chess content creator on YT, by far. I love your work. Keep it up!

  18. I absolutely LOVE waking up to these puzzle videos!

  19. To make the further stories more exciting, make one of them fail next time (and illustrate an important chess principle this way). And let the other fishermen save him next time!
    Really, in some sense, Peter should become the star of the show. If you like this idea, consider giving this comment a thumbs up, so Nelson could see it.

  20. This should be a video game. each step of the game you have to solve a chess puzzle or play a game of chess against someone who likes to play in various styles (London, etc)

  21. The Bobby Fischerman at the back of Peter's head was such a funny touch

  22. it would be nice an fair to have author and date of each puzzle if they are known

  23. Play against Martin but you need to spin the wheel and that piece you cannot move in a game

  24. Eroldin - The Lord of Searing Flames says:

    Like the story driven puzzles. The first puzzle however is flawed, as 2 .. h8=Q is a inaccuracy from the bear.
    Better is 2… Ng3 or 2… b4

    Example game:

    1. b7 h2 2. Kf2 Ng3 3. b8=Q Kd7 4. Qxa7+ Ke6 5. Nc7+ Kf5 6. Qb7 h1=Q 7. Qxh1
    Nxh1+ 8. Kg2 Ng3 9. a7 Nh5 10. a8=Q Nf4+ 11. Kh2 d5 12. Qc8+ Ke5 13. Qe8+ Kf5
    14. Qd7+ Kg6 15. Nxd5 Nh5 16. Qe8+ Kg7 17. Qxh5 h3 18. Qxg5+ Kf7 19. Qf6+ Kg8
    20. Ne7+ Kh7 21. Qg6+ Kh8 22. Qh6# 1-0

  25. I just might have to change my screen name to Peter Patzer. That's definitely me!

    Keep up the good work, sir. I'm having a ball with this.

  26. I almost got the first puzzle. What I missed was that you have to move your king and let black get the queen first. If you push straight ahead and get the knight before black gets the queen, you wind up in almost the same position — you can chase the king all the way to f4, then bring your king to f2, and if black gets the queen you win. But now black can also underpromote to a knight and put you in check, which (probably) ends in a draw.

    However, if you go 1. a7 h2 2. f2 and black underpromotes with check, you just dance your king around until black runs out of checks, and then you get a queen.

    In other words — each player wants the other to promote first and lock in their choice between knight and queen. Fascinating stuff.

  27. 1:44 If chessboard is bigger more like 16×16 it is possible make longer two Knight mate puzzle?

  28. Man thats really interesting, when i was first see episode 1
    I was like "haha nerd"
    But after watching all the episodes
    Im impressed by your puzzle

  29. I really enjoy this story. Could you please create a playlist for it, so I can share this story to my friends? PS: creating playlists is a good idea in general in my opinion

  30. Nelson, puzzles are very good.. Please do come up with new new puzzles daily..thanks

  31. Peter's puzzle was very similar to another one I saw in a video of yours a while ago and I recognized enough similarities to the point where I could see the whole checkmate coming before the first move even happened!

  32. i really love these puzzles, really great positions, so much to learn from. Keep up the great work man! Love your vids!

  33. I love it how you described the first puzzle as if it was solved by some low-skilled player (including the king "blunder" at the beginning). Great!

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