Such a clever chess puzzle!

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Puzzle FEN:
q7/8/8/8/5R2/4k3/7R/4K3 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Josef Kling, 1849

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  1. Always sacrifice THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOK.

  2. Sir please make video on queen and rook end game

  3. "if you don't find the winning move, you're gonna lose" -Nelson Lopez

  4. That's an insane puzzle, to think White can win despite their King being backranked, their Rooks not being coordinated, and Black's King and Queen being nowhere near each other to get pinned or skewered, that's really something.

  5. Didn't find the last one, but I'm 99% sure it's Ra4. There are no good checks for black and you're threatening both the queen and Rh3#. This really only leaves two options. Qxa4, which white responds Rh3+ with a royal skewer on the next move. Or Qc8 to control h3. White responds with Rh3+ anyway, because after Qxh3 there's now Ra3+ with another royal skewer.

  6. I found the winning move at the first time ever

  7. Levy would find the winning move with a scream

  8. Now, could anybody solve the puzzle I just posted? I bet you can't.

  9. This made fun nils we always enjoy your content keep it going

  10. 2:362:51…I remember a similar position with the same pieces for both sides…at the pause, my answer is sac the rook and go there anyway (Rh3+) because you skewer the queen and win.

    Post-pause: …just as I thought. 🤣🤣

  11. I admit I don't really shine in these puzzles, but this was one that I enjoyed and actually solved.
    The reason for my success was the conclusion that you can't stop the checkmate without sacrificing a rook

  12. I also found it for about minute and a half.Still, like 1 other comment it's easier to find it in puzzle than a game.

  13. I wonder if Bobby Fischer would’ve have solved that puzzle

  14. Very nice puzzle! Elegant. Sometimes the deceptively simple ones are the most satisfying!

  15. That's why 2 rooks worth 10 points and a queen 9

  16. This one is much easier than usual 🙂

  17. What is your nick on lichess mr Nelso, would really try play vs you cuple of games 😀

  18. Proud that I found the right move! It was too much for me to try to think about what happens if the Queen doesn't take, but I did manage to see it after you played a few moves, so I think I would have stumbled into the solution eventually. Thanks, Nelson!

  19. Fascinating, probably one of my favorites in a while

  20. Don’t know if I’m getting better or if this was an easy one, cause I solved it easily 😂 And I usually don’t.

  21. If Im playing I don’t find this move in a million years, not natural to give up one of my two last pieces.

  22. The oldest puzzle with this mechanism – albeit with a rook instead of the queen – I am aware of has been published in the Civis Bononiae, around 1450 from the top of my head.

  23. I feel like Gotham Chess would have something loud to say here.

  24. I think this is one of the more aesthetically pleasing puzzles I have seen.

  25. Truthfully
    Found this in 20 seconds

  26. Crazzzy puzzle Teacher Nelson 😢😮😅

  27. For some reason that reminds me of a style of puzzles like in the Portal games, so clever and so simple

  28. Easy puzzle. But in a game I might even resign as white!

  29. I’m so happy, I found the correct solution to the puzzle. It was the first time I’ve figured out one of the puzzles on this channel.

  30. Дотепна задача: без жертви не вирішується

  31. I found it relatively fast since I looked at a similar puzzle yesterday! Thanks Nelson

  32. Great puzzle. I love trying to solve these

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