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In this video, the goal is to find the FORCING sequence that checkmates black. It is a tricky one!
FEN – 5r2/2R2P1k/7p/4q3/7K/8/6Q1/8 w – – 3 39

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  1. I solved this by myself: 1. Qg8+ Rxg8 2. f8=N+ Kh8 3. Rh7#

  2. Cool puzzle! I am fascinated by underpromotions 😀

  3. it took me a moment to figure out the underpromotion tactic. Very nice. Levy @GothamChess would approve.

  4. One of the first few puzzles I solved on this channel

  5. This is still average compared to other brilliant move

  6. 1…Qg5+ would be a draw. 2Qxg5+hxg5+ 3.kxg5 rxf7

  7. I’ve seen this theme in a lichess puzzle too. It actually came up in a game, and it was missed!

  8. My first thought was good. But after the rook captured the queen I promoted to a queen. Very wrong. After promoting to a knight, it was very clear.. I have to learn it's not always good to promote to a queen

  9. I immediately saw the move and even noticed the under promotion to a knight giving a double check. But then realised "that's not mate and my rook and knight are both hanging" so failed to realise the solution which was just one rook move beyond my calculating ability.

  10. I find that for this sort of puzzle, piece sacrifice and underpromotion are so recurrent that I could see the queen sacrifice and pawn to knight promotion quite easily. If I didn't know it was a puzzle, I wouldn't have found it (or at least not so easily)

  11. You could also under promote to knight and then bc you have a tempo you don’t need to protect the rook, knight g6#

  12. Lol I found the solution instantly with qg8+ and f8n+ followed by checkmate too ez!

  13. I am a big fan of the underpromotion concept so I could solve this under a minute
    Cool puzzle with underpromotion and double check

  14. Proud to have solved it on my own in about 30 seconds! Fun puzzle

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