Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This Puzzle

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Puzzle FEN:
8/8/8/8/8/2b2K2/8/3N1kB1 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Artur Mandler, 1970

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  1. What happn if you put bf2 1st and chakmate with knight i dont see any good moves form black

  2. I like these puzzles, but NOT the weird ones that never occur (24 pawns or 12 rooks….)..

  3. Hello I am from Germany, watch your video and include it in my chess group. What if black moves the bishop to d2 ?

  4. Who has invented this puzzle? Was it computer?

  5. Hey Nelson enjoyed this puzzle but why not initially Black moving the black bishop to D2 instead of E1 to threaten the square (e3) that the white knight could move to to check the black king?

  6. Probably not important, but what could have lead to this position? What was black's last move? The king could have only come from e1. If so, why wouldn't he take the knight on d1 instead? If it was the bishop, black king could have just taken white's bishop on g1. I love these puzzles anyway. Thank you Nelson!

  7. in 6:07 you had a forced mate in 2, white bishop to f2 and then knight to e3

  8. Great puzzle. I've found a great interest in your channel lately. You also have a great radio voice that captures the listener. Thanks !

  9. hmm looked at it and white bishop to f2 first move but then stalemate black bishop to d2 and so on

  10. Stockfish keeps moving 1…Bd2, that isn't one of the moves you went over but the Analysis does give the solution.

  11. Couldn't black just go to d2 on its first move? You never evaluated that square.

  12. Ye but what if Bc5, Ba5, Ce3+, Ke1 And finally Be7 with the intention of Bh4#

  13. why not White Bf2, then Black moves Bishop, next White move Ne3#

  14. Σπύρος Κοτζακοζιδης says:

    Couldn't we mate in two with bishop on f2 and then horse e3

  15. I admit I never had them patience to learn the knight and bishop mate.

  16. I cannot checkmate with a bishop and a knight.

  17. What about Bishop to F2 as the first move, the king is trapped and has no where to go with the follow on move of Knight to E3 check and mate. Black Bishop can move anywhere it wants but won't change the outcome. Unless of course I am missing something (I am still a beginner).

  18. Wow! Great, Nelson! Hope your health is improving?

  19. There's another way. Play bH2 from the start to effectively trap black's king, and then, move the knight around the bord enough times until it lands on G4. Blacks only defense here is to put their bishop on F4 next to your king and you cannot capture the bishop with your knight or it becomes a stalemate. You then have to move your bishop which in term forces black to move their bishop or it gets captured, so the king is still trapped. This idea allows you to put the king in check pushing it to a dark square, which then allows you to reposition your knight such that it traps the king and the bishop cannot take it, allowing your own bishop to checkmate it. Its a hard and complicated line, but I got it to work.

    If the black bishop goes to E1, white bishop goes to E3 to counter.
    So basically: bF2, bD2, kB2, bE1, bE3. black king is still trapped and knight is still free to move. So black plays bC3, white traps the queen with the knight: kD3 and either black bishop moves to E1 helping to trap the king, or we move our bishop back to F2. Knight is just 2 moves away to reach G4 at this point.

  20. 1. Bf2 was my first thought. You're threatening 2. Ne3# and the Black king can't move, so he has to move the bishop. 1… Bd2 is the only move which doesn't lose immediately: 1… Bd4 loses the bishop and anything else allows 2. Ne3#. I guess after 1… Bd2 the king and bishop are close enough together to prevent the threats of forks or discovered checks which occur in the main line, which must be why that attempt doesn't win.

  21. Couldnt you just start by moving bishop to f2?

  22. From a quick look, seems like Bf2 and black has to give away their bishop to stop mate in 1.

  23. Why wouldn't white's initial Bishop move be to C7? 😎

  24. If you think I'm going to make the same joke twice.

    I will.

    I was breathing until you said to stop what I was doing and now I'm watching this from hell. (Heaven had a "NO YOUTUBE POLICY" so they kicked me out)

  25. Same here please continue chess adventures.Missing a lot❤

  26. Nelson: "Stop What You're Doing And Watch This Puzzle"
    Me doing my math homework due tomorrow: OK

  27. My dad and I were moving the aquarium from one place to another and halfway through I stopped doing it

  28. The missed win stockfish tells me in game review:

  29. There is a Bd2 Bf2 Bf4! Nc3! variation that should probably be mentioned.

  30. What about bishop f2 at the start? The black king can't move, the white king is on the light square, so you just move the knight around and give a check and mate eventually

  31. Bf2 as first move so the black has to sacrifice its bishop to impede the checkmate in the next move?

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