Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This Puzzle

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Puzzle FEN:
8/8/8/8/8/2b2K2/8/3N1kB1 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Artur Mandler, 1970

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  1. 4:08 You forgot to explain the outcome for moving black bishop to D2. Even though the result is still a loss, just faster 🙂

  2. Burned my grilled cheese watching this video. Thanks Nelson.

  3. Yeah stopping what I was doing for that was a good decision.

  4. 4:00 — but what about Bd2 for black ?? … Bb4 is ALSO a good resistance effort.
    Yes, it's true: Black eventually LOSES under optimal play by White… … but these are good moves to PROLONG THE GAME AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE , yet you didn't explore them AT ALL !! :O

  5. Would have been a great puzzle for chess adventures

  6. There's another interesting line after playing Bd4 while black has their bishop on e1. If they go Bd2, you have to play Bf2 and then regardless of what black does (as long as they don't trivially give the bishop away for free or allow you to checkmate with Ne3#), you have to play Nc3 with the idea of going Ne4, forcing black to give up their bishop due to the double mate threat.

  7. "And after you win Black Bishop you will need to spend another 20-30 moves to checkmate with King-Knight-Bishop")))

  8. I remember those good old videos of Martin challenges😢😢😢

  9. The real puzzle comes right after winning the black bishop!

  10. Challenge: Play against Martin, but you have to copy every move as black.

  11. That was incredible. It's the kind of thing that makes chess such a magical game.

  12. I love how Nelson always assumes I have friends.

  13. 7:14 is not zugzwang because if black is allowed to pass the move, Bg3 Kd2 Nc4 still forks

  14. Thank you Nelson, I love these presentations and also, your very cool delivery on the details!

  15. What about if Black play Bd2 after white's Bb6?

  16. As soon as i saw the puzzle my brain went back to "the horse does a W"

  17. Many persons asked, what if after Bb6 black plays Bd2 (instead of Be1, shown in the video).
    Then Bf2 Bf4 Nc3 Bd2 Ne4 Bf4 (only square, where the bishop stops both, Nd2# and Ng3#, but now the f2 bishop is defended by the knight, so) Kxf4 wins the bishop.

  18. Yeah I didn't solve that one funnily enough. Best puzzle I've seen in a long time.

  19. 6:47 It's NOT zugzwang! If Black have option not to move, it's win for White anyway.
    Because of Be5-g3+ Ke1-d2 Se3-c4+ fork.

  20. Bishop b2, then horse e3, easier checkmate but black Bishop to d2 still stops both yours and this moves. From start.

  21. How about Bishop to F2, then Knight to E3 check mate right off the bat?

  22. I'd say the point if 2. Bd4 was to cover c3 rather than drop back to e5 – after 1. Bc5 Ba5 2. Ne3+ Ke1 White can still drop back with 3. Bd6, but Black can then survive with 3. … Bc3. (Also, the line 1. … Bd2 2. Bf2 followed by Nd1-c3-e4 feels worth discussing, and the position after 4. Be5 is still a win with White to move, through Bg3+.) Nonetheless, a great puzzle and video – I enjoyed it a lot!

  23. Cant believe i just listened to a youtube video before i even clicked on it

  24. We're not going to mention that the position is only possible if the black king comes for the bishop instead of taking a knight, or if he moved the bishop last move and just didn't take the bishop

  25. Youre wife got her first win so are you still gonna make a new video

  26. 😳that's a real brain buster Teacher Nelson 😮 COOL STUFF 😊THANKS.

  27. I'm not sure even grandmasters would be able to solve this puzzle

  28. Alternative title: the scummiest way to suffocate a bishop.

  29. At the very beginning I would have offered a draw. Because even if i captured that bishop i dont even know how to mate with knight+bishop😂

  30. Great puzzle! Will have to rewatch a few times to remember it

  31. Is there a way for black to delay the game and force a draw through the 50 move rule?

  32. This puzzle is definitely a top 5 puzzle. Just insane!

  33. Puzzle was great, title of the video not so great

  34. What about the fifty move rule? Assuming black took the last pawn getting into the puzzle's starting position. It sounds like it's quite a number of moves to capture the bishop, before starting the bishop-knight plan for checkmate. If black plays enough moves, it will go over the fifty moves and be a draw.

  35. So no matter what happens, black bishop will be eliminated from the board somehow so the white knight & bishop remain to checkmate the black king!

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