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In this video, you have to find a cleaver way to stop the black queen from invading and winning all of your material. It is a puzzle that some engines have a hard time with. Be sure to subscribe for more chess content!
FEN – 8/1p1q1k2/1Pp5/p1Pp4/P2Pp1p1/4PpPp/1N3P1P/3B2K1 w – – 0 1

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  1. could e4 not just en passant and open up the board for blacks queen?

  2. 7:07 what if qb5 after kf1 it looks like black pawns can go forward but maybe white is just in time

  3. Very pretty again. But beware! The white king must not move too far to the left because of Qa8-b8-xg3 and either the f or h pawns promote. It's better he stays where he is and drinks tea.

  4. Wait but if you go far with the king can't black sac on g3?

  5. I would try this :
    1 Bb3, Qd8
    2 Nd1, Qa8
    3 Bc4, dxc4
    4 Nc3 … and the black queen has no entry…
    If course if black do not take the bishop on c4, it will retreat on f1 and guard forever the diagonal …
    Now I will check if I was right !

  6. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

    I thought I got it right, but I had a nice refutation…

    I thought about:

    1.Bc2, followed by Nd3 and Nf4, Black cannot capture the knight, otherwise I capture the bishop and I'm passing the king move, with a draw.

    However, after Nf4 Black plays Qa6 I thought that now Bb3 would draw… but… Qe2! winning.

  7. Even after setting up the solution (knight block variation), black can still win if white isn't careful and moves their king to the A file. Instead of fousing on the obvious opening on the left (or at least what was obvious in the beginning), black can move the queen back to A8, B8, then all the way into QxG3. If white tries to move their king back to the right, they're too late. If they take the queen with a pawn? Sure, you do that; black can now just march the unblocked pawn to the end and promote to a new queen. Even if white tries to take with the F pawn, they're still too late. So for white to be certain they get a draw, they have to avoid the left side of the board.

  8. Can this line also draw? 1.Kf1 Qc8 2. Ke1 Qa8 3.Nc4 dxc4 4.Kd2 c3+ 5. Kxc3 Qa6 6.Bb3+ Kf6 7.Bc4 If it does, credits to komodo!

  9. There are still threats of a queen sacrifice to promote, but positioning your king to be in time to catch any promoting pawns is simple and it really should be a draw

  10. Can't u just king go to e1 and move the Bishop between c3 and d4
    That is just securing a draw

  11. There's another interesting attempt: 1. Bc2 Qd8, 2. Nd3 Qa8, 3. Nc1 Qa6, 4. Bc4, a reshuffling of the pieces, alas it also fails after 4. … Qe2. To note, 2. …ed: fails after 3. Bd3: The bishop dominates, it seems.

  12. One side note its important for the white king to NOT go into A and B files. You might wonder why? Black can sacrifice the queen on e3, you take it and there is nothing that can stop f pawn so you end up losing.

  13. 1. Bb3 Qc8 2. Nd1 Qh8 3. Nc3 Qf8 4. Kf1 Qa8 5. Bxd5+ cxd5 6. Ke1 Qa6 7. Nb5
    Ke7 8. Kd1 Qa8 9. Kc1

  14. Solved in about 10 seconds. I really like endgames, so saw right away that White could not wait. Figured that a blockade was needed on the diagonal and there was only one spot to place it. Nice problem.

  15. How about king f1 queen c8 king e1 queen a8 bishop c2 queen c6 bishop back to d1 for stalemate? And even if queen tries to target g3 in this variation : king f1 queen c8 king e1 queen b8 king f1 queen g3 u take with pawn fXg3 and you are winning

    Btw i only added that other variation because if the king is too far away from the f1 square black can sacrifice the queen and march with his pawn through the opening that said sacrifice makes for another queen

  16. How about bb3, kc4. If pawn takes then bishop controls the diagonal. So Queen continues to a8. But then kd6+. Then after the king moves you bxd5. If pawn captures bishop, kb5 which blocks off the diagonal for good

  17. I remember seeing a puzzle with the same position but white has a rook instead of a knight and bishop. i think that one is the original.

  18. At 7:32 you could try to sack the queen for g3 pawn, since the king is making its circles so far away, just time it when the king is on the c file

  19. Can't you just take the king to E1 and then shuffle around the bishop for the rest of the game?

  20. Well, this didn't age well
    As you managed to really stop the queen

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