Stockfish Ruins Another Chess Puzzle πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

Puzzle FEN:
n3N3/3K3k/6R1/6P1/8/8/8/6r1 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Gorgiev, 1956

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  1. Cool line that he didn't mention, after Rg7+ Kh8 Ke7 black has Nc7 (instead of Nb6 that he showed instead).

    Taking the knight removes defense on your rook, and the game is a draw. The only correct move is Kf7, defending your rook with your king and mating if black does nothing.

    Black now takes your knight, and once again taking with the king removes defense on your rook, losing you the game this time. You now must play Rg8+, escaping the attack from the knight. You still cant take, as the king is still hitting your rook.

    You now must play g6+, and black now has the option to sacrifice the rook and go into a rook vs knight endgame, which in most cases are draws. This is not the case this time, as blacks king is stuck in the corner. Its mate in 8.

    The other option is to move down, and yet again you cant take the knight. Your rook doesn't hang, but black takes your pawn and you transition into a drawn rook vs rook endgame.

    You now go Rh8+, forcing the king to g5, blocking the rooks attack on your pawn. You can now finally take blacks knight, but not with the king! Although you might think this is because you stop defending your pawn, this is not the case. If black takes your pawn, you skewer their rook and win the game. But after Kf6, you are unable to defend your pawn.

    Therefore, you must take with the rook. Black can try going back to h6, revealing an attack on your pawn with the rook. This doesn't work because you can go Rh8+ and the king is forced to move back.

    Black is running out of options and plays Rf1+. You cant lose your pawn, so you stay defending with Kg7. Black now plays Rf6, threatening to take your pawn with check and make a draw. There isn't any way to defend your pawn, but you have a tactic in this position.

    Re5+. Any king move relinquishes defense on the rook, so the rook must block. There are now plenty of winning moves, but the easiest way is to trade rooks into a winning king and pawn endgame.

  2. Not only Stockfish could find these other solutions. Looking at the 7 pieces Tablebase would have told us the same…….

  3. The only reason I found Nd7 was because I was just looking for the most ridiculous move. LolπŸ˜‚


  5. I found Nd7, but only because you said it was a crazy move and it was the first crazy move I could think of

  6. Got a challenge for you. Pacifist chess. Can you beat Martin without ever capturing any pieces? (Not sure if you’ve done this, but sounds like it would be fun to watch)

  7. Stockfish is like that one kid in school who reads ahead the textbook

  8. I must be a robot cuz that king move was my first thought

  9. I found Nd7 almost immediately, actually when you were showing the winning line for the first time at around 2:46

  10. Well if you put Stockfish on like depth 10 it's clear it won't

  11. I actually saw the Rg7 Kh8 Ke7 line and assumed that was the intended solution.

    The mating pattern with the knight on f6 and the king on h8 is too strong to avoid, you have to sac the rook and rook + 1 vs knight in the corner is an easy win

  12. Whats crazy is that i didnt see the pawn raise move, i thought the best move was to move the king

  13. I actually saw the move stockfish had for the right reason. Im proud of myself

  14. 2. (g6 Nb6+ 3. Ke7 Nd5+ 4. Kf7 Nf6 5. Rg8+) mate in 4 for white

  15. 5:27
    Found it
    As a 450, obviously I can find blunders.
    (Actually I’m unranked, about 800 now)

  16. I actually found Knight c7 by asking myself what looks to be the biggest blunder in that position and I was correctπŸ˜‚
    Edit: I somehow through a miracle also predicted king e7 lol

  17. Endgametable base no stockfish was only 7 piece

  18. What if from the position at 1:54:
    black rook to e1+
    The point is if the white king stays next to its Knight the black rook can take the knight, and if the king takes the rook then the other king can take the white rook and its a draw. It'd be a draw because the white king can't defend the pawn and so the black king would just take the pawn on the next turn leaving just the lone white king against the black king and knight.
    I don't know what would happen if the white king doesn't take the rook.

  19. I found the move that refutes it, but I don't feel like I can really take credit. Just from your explanation of the intended line I knew it had to be that move.
    You emphasized both that the square the knife is controlling was important, and that taking the knight drew the game, so that move immediately jumped out to me when you told us the position the move was in.

  20. 2:49 The knight plays C8 not D5 .. stalemate after rook takes ROOK!! etc

  21. No way I found that move I was so surprisedπŸŽ‰

  22. My intuition says Nd7 but not by precise calculation

  23. "Stockfish ruins another chess puzzle"
    Alternative title: "Stockfish mourns Mittens in the only way it ever can"

  24. I found the king move instead of the main line at the start – lol. The smothered pawn mate was cool, though.

  25. Just noticed something. The wooden chess set I had as a kid never had more than one queen per side so if you promoted a pawn you would not be able to represent it properly. β™Ÿ
    Not a problem with digital boards but I wonder how people solved this before the 1980s? πŸ€”

  26. At 7:21 instead of R f1 check, what if R takes Knight on e8?

  27. I imagine Stockfish seeing any puzzle that was solved by humans and be like β€œWell actually β˜οΈπŸ€“β€

  28. Saw Ke7 before you even played g6, and …Nd7 before you played …Nd5+. Not very difficult, the composer did a poor job.

  29. How's king e7 winning if the rook can take the knight

  30. Black is also drawn in the end of the main line as long as they don't play nf6

  31. I haven't played chess in 100 years and I was never more than average. But I love this channel! You really do a nice job at presenting these ideas.

  32. is it possible to beat martin with only Book move, Great move, and Brilliant move?

  33. So that means I found the stockfish AND the intended move!!!!

  34. When I first seen it thought win for white. Pretty much always right. When see an over all of board. Whether it’s a win for white, black or draw.

    But don’t and struggle to fine winning move. Was thinking Rock to F7, but more a think about it. King to E7 would make more sense

  35. 7:10 I was thinking Ke7 the whole game because i thought that he could repetitive check and/or sac a knight and rook to get stalemate

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