Stockfish Has Ruined Chess

Puzzle FEN:
6bk/7p/2q1PP2/2Pp4/3R4/5K2/8/B7 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Evreinov, 1959, First Prize

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  1. I thought immediately when watching for the fist time that the queen should attack the bishop on that move. I was thinking further down the A file, though. I thought of it because that’s what I would do, as a first instinct, since I knew the pawn was still 2 miles away from promoting. It was the first chance the queen had to attack.

  2. And again Im saying: this is not ruining the game. I mean it was a nice idea but thats probably the reason it won the price. They probably didnt analyse the true potential of this queen move and just went with the beauty of the puzzle.
    If Stockfish had found some inhuman 20 move sequence, yeah, that ruins chess. But again, this move was a pretty obvious option. Just a pain to analyse all the possibilities emerging from it

  3. If you don’t sacrifice then Qa4 is a lost queen

  4. I tried to read all the comments but there might be a flaw at both stockfish and at first solution. I might be wrong though not entirely sure but if white starts with pawn f7 and continues with rook g4 is there anyway for black to stop check mate? I simply cant see how black could stop it so if any of you have any answers for that please enlighten me

  5. I just beat my dad and he’s a grandmaster I feel so achieved

  6. Throughout the whole video i was trying to figure out why isn't moving the f6 pawn the winning move.

  7. it's crazy how if the king was in different spots, it would change the outcome completely (with a blk pawn at A4).
    M4=A 2,3. even at 5,7
    M5 if b1. Draw at B2,3,4,8. M8-10 at 5,6,7.
    M4=C1. M5=C2. 4.8=C3, C4=even C7=60 for white. Losing on C8.
    M4=D1,2, M5=d3. M9=D6,7, D8 is winning.
    M5=E1,2. M7=E3. even=4,7
    M5=F1, M4=F2 F3 is winning, M7=F4,5, even=8
    M4=G1, even=G2 M5=G3, M14=G5
    M5=H2, M4=H3,4. even H5.
    Everywhere else is losing. A,6,8, C8, E5,8, F7, G4,6,7. H1 (0.4),6.

  8. If at 7:14 black takes the F7 white pawn with his bishop, can't you just win by going rook to G4? Black can only block with his pawn and you just take it, winning the game for white?

  9. So at the beginning white sacraficed…


  10. Ruined? Really? Click bait much? … Aside from the fact that the puzzle is missing a black pawn at a4.

  11. Well, Stockfish. Qa4 is a candidate move that is not extremely tough to find out once the position has come

  12. You just add a pawn on A2 or A3 and it becomes completely winnable again

  13. one pawn in a2 should fix the problem right?

  14. Stockfish ruins chess for me everytime I analyse one of my wins.

  15. 7:38, what is stopping bishop from putting king in check, forcing it to take and allowing pawn to promote?

  16. Question: pawn to f7, IF black takes it with bishop, then rook to g4, checkmate?

  17. Pawn f7! Wtf are Stuckfish (intentional mistake) thinking?

  18. 7:14 rg4 is checmate right. If black pushes pawn just take it

  19. I found a completely different solution(white brilliant sacrifice bishop for a checkmate)

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