Stockfish Has Ruined Chess

Puzzle FEN:
6bk/7p/2q1PP2/2Pp4/3R4/5K2/8/B7 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Evreinov, 1959, First Prize

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  1. How about moving the rook not to b4 instead of e4?

  2. This sort of clickbaity headline drives me crazy. "Stockfist has ruined chess!" screams the headline; at zero point in the video does Nelson explain how it ruins even an "aspect" of chess, let alone ALL of chess. Between this clickbait and the Gotham guy's bug-eyed thumbnails – get off my lawn.

  3. Am I the only one who saw that cause I'm a dumass that just attacks with the queen even if the piece is defended thinking that's the best way to finish everygame quickly (I lose every game in about 5 moves)

  4. I am new to chess and when I saw u put king to g1. The first thing I thought was to attack the bishop as blacl. Just because I am new. I would go for undefended pieces. Not seeing the complexity and maybe baits. But right now it is just simple nothing can really defend the bishop.

  5. I don’t understand, after you put the pawn forward, isn’t rooks to g4 checkmate? I don’t see a way out.

  6. I wonder what stockfish would think of moving the a4 black pawn forward before moving the queen to a4 (original puzzle had a black pawn on a4 according to someone)

  7. At 7:15 rook to G4 can be a checkmate as only move left is pawn to D4 and then white bishop to D4 is just checkmate

  8. Something’s wrong, that is literally one the first things i’d do with the queen, and i am average at best… i dont know man, cant imagine they wouldnt see that…

  9. Hi nelson, you are completely wrong, there is a pawn on a5 in the puzzle, you missed it and you are saying that why didnt no one question this move. please look this puzzle again clearly

  10. Great video as always, bonkers to think that no one picked up the queen move back then.

  11. and why we don't play rook to g4 and after that take the bishop

  12. I know there wasn't anything like that in this video but, imagine blundering a 74 moves checkmate 💀

  13. Saying that Stockfish ruined chess is like saying that supersonic airplane ruined track and field competition.

  14. What I don't understand about these puzzles is that none of these are forcing moves. Black could have played ph6 early on

  15. Seems pretty easy to fix this as a puzzle problem. The solution works again as well if there is an extra pawn (from either side, but make it black so it seems more threatening) blocking the Queen's possible attack on the bishop. Or does stockfish find a new alternative?

  16. wait in 7:15 instead of taking with pawn, you can move the rook to go and doesn't that be checkmate?

  17. I don’t understand why white just doesn’t capture the pawn in the first move. Queen can’t take it because it is a mate in 1.

  18. I didnt find the sequence cuz i didnt pause the video to try to find a better move but when i saw bf7 i was thinking "this is such a weird move, is this really the best move for black?" So at least i have a decent intuition lol

  19. my first thought was to move pawn to f7 even though it felt obvious and as he was explaining the solution i was thinking can’t queen just go a4? ig i was thinking the same as stockfish even tho i suck at chess lolllll

  20. Now my question is:

    Why black doesn't just play h5?

  21. At 7:16 why does stockfish have you take the bishop?

    Isn’t rook to g4 checkmate?

    Best move for black after pawn f7 would be to pawn h5 instead of taking with the bishop (moving to h6 would set up a mate in 2) or queen a4

    Or am I overlooking something?

  22. no do that queen move after moving the white rook

  23. rook to g4, rook to g7, move that pawn forward to free the bishop and then checkmate

  24. I have a question what about rook g4 using that guaranteed check mate?

  25. This is such a simple solution how did nobody think of it

  26. That was the first move I thought of. When you didn't do it in the beginning I thought you were going to go back and show why it was a bad move like you always do. I don't get how such an obvious move could be missed

  27. My 800 elo brain immediately knew how to solve this puzzle, I also just did not see the checkmate threat and thought "ooga booga attack Bishup" but I'm taking this W.

  28. I mean do you want us to go back to the romantic era of playing moves that are beautiful instead of accurate?

  29. Why not f7 ,Bishop takes(or else we get a queen) then rook to g4 check, pawn to d4 only move then white takes with Bishop checkmate

  30. What was the point of rook sacrifice? Why not just move him to g4 or pretty much any cell on G line? Then to avoid checkmate, black loses the bishop and white has enough material + positional advantage to win

  31. How did noone find the defending sequence before? I found it in first attempt, but expected refutation in the video, because often times such studies are more complex, but stockfish only approved that defense

  32. I thought of queen a4 immediately after seeing the rook sacrifice lol and I'm not even good.

  33. I agree that it seems like Qa4 is a strange thing to overlook, especially since that simply adding a white or black pawn on a2 or a3 could possibly solve the flaw in the puzzle

  34. Pf7,Bxf7,Re4 is mate bute what if the bishop not take the pawn he puss the pawn Pf7,Ph6,Re4 Check and Kh7 only move Pxe8 to promote become a queen is checkmate so simple

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