Stockfish Has Ruined Chess

Puzzle FEN:
6bk/7p/2q1PP2/2Pp4/3R4/5K2/8/B7 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Evreinov, 1959, First Prize

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  1. I found computer move to draw it easy but the other move sadly does not work

  2. looked up the original position. apparently black has a pawn on a4 making that queen move impossible. and white has like forced mate in 20 or something

  3. Immediately, at the start of the video, when I paused to look for the first move, I said push f7, because you just for the bishop to be off the board. I can’t believe I was actually right lol. I never get puzzles right that are this high ranking, my best puzzle completion was like a 2100 rated puzzle.

  4. I theory is that there was a pawn on a2 actually but recorder or writer forgot to put it there.

  5. Instead, your first move is pawn to f7, then you make a rook sacrifice by taking the pawn right in front of it with discovered check. (Would this actually even work?)

  6. I'm officially better than the puzzle maker

  7. When you thought you didn't find the solution but actually you found stockfish's solution😎

  8. dont know if anyone has seen or said this before me but solution 2 was win for white when instead of e6 attacking biship you move rook to G4.

  9. Bro just queen the pawn when the queen is pinned like 🙄

  10. bro i love your videos 🫶🏼🫶🏼❤️

  11. Looks like it's a faulty puzzle not Stockfish's problem

    Then again your title was probably intended to be rage bait, so I'll just block the channel.

  12. Qa4 was the 1st move I looked at when I saw the base puzzle.
    But it was protected by the rook so I ignored it.

  13. I saw you can threaten the Bishop with the Queen, but I though 'this is a first prize winner, it can't be that easy. Stockfish surely found some super complicated 30-move forced mate for black or something.'

    And then it WAS that easy. How did they miss it if even I found it? I am not even an average player.

  14. Couldn't you just move to pawn and the the rook to block any exit

  15. Rg4 e4+, Kg3 Qc7+, Kh3 Bf7, e7 Qc8 (or b8), Rg7…

  16. I would say Stockfish humbled every puzzle composer and analyst.

  17. I think white could win 🤔
    Instead of moving rook to e4. Move pawn to f7. What stockfish did was just validate the answer to the puzzle, in which, the answer is flawed

  18. Im glad that my first thought, pushing the pawn is what stockfish thought, so Im not completely lost at chess

  19. I saw the queen move already until i saw the comments

  20. I’m only 900 rated so don’t get mad at me if i’m wrong but can’t you just move the black pawn infront of the king to make an escape square so you cannot get checkmated by the rook? What am i missing here i’m sure i am missing something

  21. So your telling me that stockfish has found a cheese.
    The puzzle maker could probably just add another pawn to fix it.

  22. I would argue that stock fish has created future geniuses.

    We think stockfush is the best chess player out there… it is. For now.

    We tend to forget that we are infinitely more intelligent than AI.

    Stock fish is literally designed to find the most optimal chess decisions and does nothing else with its purpose or “life”. Imagine if we had one human that did that. And imagine if that person was highly intelligent?

    Stock fish still makes mistakes. It couldn’t comprehend Bobby Fischer’s best game and sometimes indicates that magnus’ plays aren’t optimal even when they are.

    Hence it still doesn’t have every best solution to chess. Meaning eventually there will be better players

  23. The instant I saw Bf7, I knew that black had to have other rational options. It took maybe another second to see that attacking the Bishop had to be good. I did not yet know that Bf7 failed, but over the board my first instinct was to attack the bishop.

  24. I have an interest in variants and seeing innovation in play, over supposedly showing genius in solving certain positions. The static rules are ruined by AI. Wanting to play the exact same game as Kasparov is to wear out Chess. I hope Kramnik's work is expanded upon where there are a set of variant rules that mutate Chess, is adopted and expanded upon. Some games can have torpedo pawns. Other do not. Some games allow casting, while others do not. The beauty of this is that there is a quality game of Chess that allows for perpetual evolution.

  25. thought it was bishop takes E6 stopping white from moving the pawn as if it does you can move the queen onto the diagonal and take the bishop

  26. I thought Qa6 was the flaw since it escorts the pawn forward…

  27. I was thinking that Pawn to H6 would also resolve the problem. It gives the king a White Square to move to then it merely becomes a question of clearing out the near-to-queening pawns.

  28. Qa8, a6, or a4 after Kg1. I found it. The threat is stronger than the execution.

  29. thats interesting, i immediately was like…wait, but why doesn't black just attack the bishop, but dismissed it as 'nah, thats too obvious, clearly there's a reason that doesn't matter

  30. I'm at the 5 minute mark, my guess is that instead of bishop to F7 you go pawn to H6.

  31. It occurs to me that after black moves the queen, white should move c6 to free up another diagonal for the bishop. With the white pawn holding the black king on row 8, the white bishop might be able to put the black king in checkmate. I haven't tried it out, so it may not work.

  32. im bad at chess, what stopping black from pushing the h pawn and avoiding checkmate?

  33. Stockfish also isn't some god and makes… questionable choices. In one analysis, I was playing mainline Italian, it labeled third (yes, third) move as innacuracy and suggested some variation (Jerome Gambit I think) as "more accurate". What?

  34. Maybe I am just playing too much with stock fish and overanalyzing games with it… but I saw that Queen move before you explained, I just tough on my head… it's just dumb to play this catch and mouse game when you could do winning moves both as white and black…

  35. My question is knowing that Stockfish found this flaw, is there a way to fix the puzzle so it works the way it’s intended? I know it wouldn’t be the same thing in spirit but could the addition of a pawn at a2 (or something like that) prevent the bishop attack enough to allow the puzzle to run its course?

  36. Hang on, after bishop takes pawn at 7:14 isn't rook g4 mate on a couple moves? We cover the g8 square and it's still discovered check by the bishop on a1.

    Here's the position:
    Bishop takes pawn, rook to g4, pawn blocks on d4, bishop takes d4 and that's mate?

    Nvm didn't see that the pawn block is a discovered check by queen on white king.

  37. Can we fix this by adding a pawn to B6 or something?

  38. it is not just stockfish. Even my mediocre chess engine (rated just 2500+ CCRL) was easily able to find Qa4

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