Stockfish Has Ruined Chess

Puzzle FEN:
6bk/7p/2q1PP2/2Pp4/3R4/5K2/8/B7 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Evreinov, 1959, First Prize

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  1. I dont undertand why the black bishop cant take the pawn on e6 and stop the other pawn…

  2. The puzzle is easely saved by adding a pawn in a4, the rest would remain the same.

  3. Like i thought rook to h4 to cover the a4 square in the first 5 sec . A4 chasing the bishop while chasing checks ,while taking stuff on the way,its obvious.

  4. Solution should still work with a pawn on a3, right?

  5. กนกธรรม มัธยมจันทร์ says:

    my guess was rook g4 then pawn f7 and then its mate

  6. Me: "Hah! What an idiot. Some composer HE was lol!"

    Also Me: Gets checkmated by Nelson 5 times in a row.

  7. Would it fix the puzzle if we gave white a pawn on b3? Or alternatively maybe give black a pawn on a4? Something that stops the queen move.

  8. Heres the issue.. bishop f7 is a blunder. So yes black is winning. All he needs to do is queen a4

  9. If he played rook to g4 queen to a4 and pawn to f7 check queen takes bishop and rook takes bishop checkmate i thought that but just my thought

  10. Wait what about rook d5 queen d5 check and we have the same position

  11. Something else, I think, depending on the skill of your opponent, is

    Pawn:f7, Bishop×f7 to prevent promotion, Pawn×f7, Queen:C8 to prevent promotion, Rook×d5 leads to Checkmate with the bishop. King can't move forward because of Pawn, can't move out of corner because Bishop covers the diagonal and Pawn covers the sidestep.

    It's obv not the solution since a better player would see it coming, but it's what I saw when looking at it lol

  12. the puzzle was made with human mistakes in mind. narrowing of focus and such. we often go with the easiest solution thats readily available, under stress, and under the belief that the opponents last move is all that is happening.

  13. f7 would've been my opening move in that position because moving the rook allows black's pawn to advance, blocking the bishop's diagonal.

  14. The flaw in this game can be repaired if u put a black pawn on A2 . After that Stockfish won't be able to speak .

  15. Why not jist take the pawn on D5 with the rook.

  16. The problem is correct with a white pawn on a2! So maybe the position was incorrectly set up.

  17. At 7:14, why can't white play Rg4 that is checkmate instead of taking the bishop

  18. Wow , I’m not a good chess player but even I picked up on the move

  19. The first move which I thought as white was to push the pawn

  20. No one can deny this negative impact of engines on chess…. But about this particular puzzle…. Just after looking at it for a few seconds I found out that moving the queen to 'a' file is going to be a win for black…. This particular puzzle doesn't need any engine to prove it wrong… It's simple.

  21. To fix the initial position and make it winning for white it's sufficient to add a white Pawn on a2. Are we sure the real puzzle was without this a2 Pawn?

  22. But the puzzle works if you add a black pawn on a4. Maybe it was there but the information was lost? Like a typo in a book (or wherever it was documented).

  23. Surprising that queen move was not seen in 1959 by chess experts 🎃

  24. It just turned the puzzle from “white to win” into “black to win”

  25. At 7:15 what if you move your rook to g4 isn’t it checkmate or am I missing something?

  26. Hmm. So if the composer had added a couple extra pawns, say white on b5 and black on b6 — blocking the queen's attack — would the puzzle work?

  27. 1.Re4? dxe4+
    2.Kg2?? e3+
    3.Kg1 Qa4!
    4.Be5 Qe4
    5.Bc3 Qg4+
    6.Kh2 Qf4+
    7.Kg2 Qf2+
    8.Kh1 Qf3+
    And black wins in a few moves…

  28. if you add a white pawn on a2, the puzzle works again

  29. It's not ruining. It's revealing. Revealing the flaws and maybe even hints of corruption.

  30. stackfish takes pawn with bishop on F7? then rook to g4 is mate…am I wrong in some way?

  31. Are you going to make a comment at all telling people that there was a pawn on a4?

  32. Queen A4 was a really obvious move. I don't know how they missed it

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  34. The puzzle was always wrong, Stockfish didn't ruin anything. You're just salty and the title is a disgrace

  35. Isn't the puzzle need a black pawn on a4 square:
    fen: 6bk/7p/2q1PP2/2Pp4/p2R4/5K2/8/B7 w – – 0 1
    It is winning for white now

  36. I'm surprised this video is still up even though it contains a glaring error. I guess this channel isn't truth worthy after all …

  37. Does nobody notice that black can push the pawn in front of the king at the start

  38. The position on 3:40: there can be no draw. Black has a pawn on h7 and must win

  39. Haven't read the comments yet but once pawn promotes to a queen or even a rook its checkmate as you cant move into check (blackqueen taking promoted peice)

  40. Who the hell is Stockfish?! Why do we here this nick in every video?!

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