Stockfish Can’t Solve This Chess Puzzle 😮

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Puzzle FEN:
1rkb4/pNp5/8/2N4p/8/5B2/4K3/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
G.M. Kasparyan
4 H.M., Szachy, 1977

0:00 – Intro
0:42 – Hercules Chess!
1:50 – Puzzle Solution

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  1. This piece of Genrich Kasparjan is very nice. I tried Stockfish 15 here to crunch the numbers down to depth 52, the machine was not able to find it and always shows -0.16. At depth 51 it even goes to -0.18
    The main theme is that the w♚ has to cross the 7th rank somehow, so it's quite obvious that White has to block the a/c-pawns. And there is this nice dance of the w♚ with the b♝! The winning king move is quite hard to find…I cannot believe that this puzzle only got a 4th Honorable Mention!

  2. This is like the reverse of some of the puzzles, in which stockfish shows a drawn position as an advantage for one player.

  3. That does surprise me at 5:39 stockfish still thinking it’s a draw. And mate love you showing that.

  4. How to make Hercules's chess bot board bigger, I can barely see the pieces.

  5. That's so cool. I checked out Hercules chess a while ago and it was pretty fun so its cool that they are adding more stuff

  6. I don't understand why we're trying to stop the pawn with our king. Why not just let our bishop cover the queening square and ignore the black bishop to prevent stalemate?

  7. seems I'm still bad .. why in 6:15 not move the pawn, then bishop g4 and is a draw…

  8. I saw pinning down the rook and king and pawns but rest of it was obviously too complicated

  9. How long time Stockfish needed when see White win this?

  10. As a 700-800 rated player, I tend to get some moves on these puzzles correct without knowing why they're correct

  11. Cerebral Comics - 🎬 Content Creator says:

    Cool stuff, Nelson! Awesome to have your own bot, man.

  12. I really enjoy the puzzle videos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  13. Stockfish can't solve this puzzle

    Well finally we have something in common😅

  14. Deph 36 really isnt to deep in Positions with this few pieces on the Board

  15. Managed to get it right until the moment where the king starts to move, then got completely lost. Still proud for having figured out some of it.

  16. I was thinking of moving the Knight on b7 to d6 and then that would be check mate

  17. Wow that's a mind blowing study packed full of so many ideas.

  18. If black were to take the knight with their first move, the other knight would take and he would be protected. (Only if that first move was played) And the king couldn’t take because of the bishop on those white squares. Nice vid!

  19. 8:03 I think the only useful move for black here is putting the bishop on f4 and leave it there if the king isnt going to take it.

  20. 13:08 Technically, black isn't forced to move the pawn. What happens if they do Bd8 at this point?

  21. It is a draw tho, they could’ve moved pawn to h4, then game is over if he takes bishop pawn takes off, if he takes both pawn and bishop it’s stale mate

  22. 13:07, why can't the bishop just go back instead of pushing the pawn? still same issue and pawn is free and clear.

  23. It is really nice when stockfish cannot solve a puzzle that we humans can 😇😇

  24. A few months ago, GothamChess tried playing against a bot based on himself. As white, the bot opened with e3, a move that Gotham never plays. The point is, if the Chess Vibes bot is making moves that you would never make, it ruins the illusion of playing against yourself.

  25. There's a chess pzuzzle where stockfish is even more wrong and I don't think you shared it yet. (Note: THIS PUZZLE IS NOT BY ME) FEN: 8/p2P3k/n2K3p/2p3n1/pb4N1/p1p1p1P1/P7/3B4 w – – 18 10 Stockish thinks it's winning for black but it's a win for white. For solution search Plaskett's Puzzle.

  26. I like your recent chess puzzles. Where have you taken all of these? A particular website?

  27. 9:51 "We literally don't even care" + that smirk hints that this is an obvious Hikaru reference

  28. Not "stockfish", but "crappy outdated cloud stockfish with limited depth". Local stockfish on a decent PC finds it pretty quickly.

  29. If the bishop had moved to g7 at 11.30.What would it be?

  30. The reason Stockfish only sees the mate for white after black plays bf6 (7:37) is that stockfish think that this "main line" is a less resilient defense for black than sac'ing the bishop on g3 (still losing, but not as fast). (It sees the mate in 15 for bf6).

  31. Stockfish is like me frrr 😎💪

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