Stockfish Can’t Solve This 1000-Year-Old Chess Puzzle ♔ ASMR Whisper Chess

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  1. am i missing something, tell me if im wrong. in original position, cant we go
    Rh8+ Kxh8
    Bg2+ Kg8
    Bd5+ Kf8

  2. The persian Way of saying Checkmate is the way germans say it. 'Schach matt'

  3. Bro, so your basically saying that my dad used 1000 year old chess rules to win against me 😂

  4. Ngl I laughed out loud where you said the prince would have been better off letting his wife play the games

  5. Top notch content as always, by far the greatest channel for a relaxing and deep understanding of chess and the stories related to it. Huge props! 🎉

  6. Best type of asmr out there, love your videos!!

  7. Ain't nobody talking about the knight check where the spine of the L was 4 spaces long.

    Edit: in hindsight there may he a rule I am ignorant of.

  8. ASMR Chess You should play against stockfish level 8.

  9. pleeeease do the chess history videos you mentioned in your Q&A like start of chess, pieces history, etc 🙏🏻❤ great video as always!!

  10. Just wanted to echo other comments and say I reallllly love the all-whispered videos. Keeps the volume the same level throughout as we doze off. Not that your typical mixed whisper/spoken style is bad or anything! I just like that I can tell the overstimulated/obsessive part of my brain that yes, the volume isn't changing so you can relax enough to let me fall asleep lol. I also like the new overhead shots you're incorporating into the shotlist. Maybe strap a Go-Pro to a knight for a POV knight jump???? haha

  11. So This was The first: “THE ROOOOOOK!!!!!”?

  12. In danish it’s called: “skak (i) mat” instead of checkmate

  13. There actually 4 mate for black because each rook can move to b4

  14. I like the whispering in this video. In many other videos there is too much "voice" in the talking. This soft whisper is perfect.

  15. Why does my computer fond it if even stockfish couldn't ?

  16. So you are telling me that chat gpt plays older version of chess?

  17. breathless…or maybe less breath~~~just fucking talk regular!!

  18. Could you include the name of the creator of the puzzle in the description? I'd like to learn more about that poem.

  19. I got most of the moves right, except for the bishop moving 2 squares. Ig you really do learn new things every day!

    Great video as always 😀 keep it up 🙂

  20. Can you spell out the prince's name for me?

  21. I don't think there are enough synonyms for relaxing to describe this video

  22. sorry I've been out of town for the passed few days so wasn't able to watch your videos or post comments. But I was inspired by you and some of the people I know in real life, so Im making a podcast with some friends and trying to incorporate some ASMR elements into it. Its not gonna be anything near the quality of your videos, and its just something Im doing for fun. But just wanted to say thanks for the amazing videos and inspiration!!! (probably won't post the podcasts on my youtube, but maybe in the future who knows)

  23. Please keep whispering like this in all videos, very relaxing video!

  24. How about this chess puzzle with modern rules

  25. I fell asleep and in my dreams I was playing chess

  26. I like it when you tell stories like this

  27. dude i solved the puzzle in a very short time without sacrificing anything, you check with the Knight, if king goes left you move Knight again discovered check and then move the rook on the square that is protected by the Knight, if king goes right, still check with Knight then with pawn and then promote pawn its mate!

  28. I think I should do more puzzles… I love chess but I'm not very good. I practice and practice.. but find it hard to think of everything all at once and end up making one or two fatal mistakes and beat myself lol 😆 need more situational puzzle type play in my life

  29. History repeats itself. Chatgpt is really playing chess from 1000 years ago

  30. Thats actually the way we say checkmate in Czech. Sach Mat, exactly the same pronounciation🤣

  31. There is a faster mate

    Edit: I understand it's a puzzle but I don't understand why stockfish couldn't solve it just because of modern rules. It's mate in 3 with modern rules or mate in 4 with the rook sack

  32. Actually in Arabic the queen is still called "wazir" Wich means minister or consuler and the Bishop is call "feel" which means elephant

  33. I don’t know why, but whispering has always kinda freaked me out, so what I do is turn the volume low and turn on subtitles

  34. Hey there ❤.
    "shahi maat" sounds indian to my ear and not persian(im not sure tho).today we call it " Kish O Maat" which means check and mate in farsy(persian).😅

  35. the bishop in this puzzle was actually the elephant piece

  36. A good video idea, would be to explain and even possibly go through a game of the old style/rules of chess.

  37. I'm pretty sure that bishop move still exists in most chess variants these days. The most notable example is Chinese chess

  38. I like the way the pieces ended up outlining 2 crosses on the left and right sides of the board at the end of the Stockfish solution

  39. There is a forced mate using current chess rules for white

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