Stockfish 8 Failed To Solve This Chess Puzzle, But Mikhail Tal Solved!

A very complex chess puzzle which is known as “Plaskett’s Puzzle”.
This position in Forsyth-Edwards Notation (FEN) is : 8/3P3k/n2K3p/2p3n1/1b4N1/2p1p1P1/8/3B4 w – – 0 1
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Video Thumbnail Attribution: By MBIHund [CC BY 3.0 ()], from Wikimedia Commons


  1. Suren, this amazing puzzle deserves a new remastered video, which includes the nc7 move you missed.

  2. My Stockfish 7 engine found as a partial solution 1 Nf6+ Kg7 2 Nh5+ Kg6 3 Bc2+ Kxh5 4 d8Q with a position rating +11. The move you show 4… Nf7+ results in mate in 11 according to Stockfish with 4… Nf7+ 5 f5 e2 6 Kf5 e2 7 Be5 e1N 8 Bd5 c2 9 Bc4 c1N 10 Bb5 Nc6 11 Bxc6 Nc7 12 Ba4 Ne2 13 Kf5 Nf3 14 Bxe2 Ba5 15 Bxf3#. There are several better 4th moves for Black, the best of which is 4 …Kg4. Isn't it nice how Stockfish can effortlessly refute an erroneous solution to this puzzle!

  3. Hold on my bear, I can crush Stockfish)))

  4. At least why random move for Black ? Actuelly Na6-Nc7 protects Be8(Mate)

  5. please turn the games sounds off! Bang! Slam!

  6. one of the best puzzle compositions i ve ever seen.
    AActually, NONE of my hi en engines found the move Bc2, and, until i manually played the move on the board, the were giving huge advantage to black. After Bc2 the whole evaluation changed.
    Thanks a lot for this.

  7. Is it truly solved, though? Do the computers find any chances along the way?

  8. 8:51 I missed that the best move for black is Nc7 after which the winning move is Ba4! Sorry guys 😉

  9. I use with rybka engine, it takes 5 second to solve this

  10. An update on this one also: I started the new Destop PC with Fritz and Houdini Pro 4. Like all the other engines, the analysis showed up 1. d8=Q but with negative rating for white. I then left the Computer alone.

    Now, 1 hour later I returned to the Computer …. and Houdini meanwhile has solved(!!) this one. He correctly shows up 1. Nf6+ for white and also evaluates correctly +- 3.27 for white!! I dont know how long he took for this solution, as i missed the moment, where he switched to 1. Nf6. Anyway – this puzzle herewith is solved by a Desktop computer!

  11. Actually stockfish 8 plays d8 = Q …Nf7+ and black wins.

  12. Stockfish 8 had white at a -5 then the Bc3 put white at a +5 lol wow.

  13. I've also never seen a checkmate in 11 with a single bishop and 4 knights! lol

  14. wow, great to hear, this is right, the solution is found at great depth, but not fast.. needs time, and it means humans can still beat engines, and engines still have a way to improve

  15. Deep Hiarcs 14 solves this puzzle in under 1 min. It's not the strongest engine nowadays, but still good for these types of puzzles. Black's best chance is the following line. 1. Nf6+ Kg7 2. Nh5+ Kg6 3. Bc2 Kxh5 4. d8Q Kg4! 5. Bd1+ Kxg3 6.Qe8 c4+ 7. Kc6 Kf4 8. Qg8 Ne4 9. Qxc4 Nac5 10. Kd5! Ba3 11. Bc2 e2 12. Qxe2 Nf6+, White will eventually mate but black will make him work for it.

  16. why d5 ???? it doesn't work
    there is the knight on d8 to avoid it

  17. My Stockfish cannot find the first move either, evaluates the position as -2,1 and wants to play d8=Q, thus loosing. But after Nf6+ it finds all the correct moves. Btw, the mate isn't forced, the King can escape a little longer if white doesn't take the new Queen. But more interestingly: After having "seen" the sequence after Nf6+ , Stockfish almost immediately finds the correct moves if presented with the position afresh! The program remembers endgame matrices! Having closed down the program, this "experience" disappears from its memory.
    But it has a setting, Permanent Brain, on the off position. Perhaps experience is preserved if switched to on? Does anyone know?

  18. Ignore the narration, pause the vid and think for yourself: "Mate in 8, white to move, can you find the solution"?

  19. You talk for 4 and a half minutes before a piece is even moved. I recommend getting into the action a little faster to keep people's interest. Also, that obnoxiously loud sound that plays whenever a piece is moved is fucking infuriating. Other than that, good video

  20. Can't watch this because of the stupid sound effects. At least turn it way down.

  21. But… If this line leads to checkmate in 11, then it's not actually the solution, because it's not a forced line. Black can let white queen and survive a little longer.

    So Mikhail Tal didn't solve it then.

  22. No way an engine could solve it…

  23. 3:17 in and I do not know whose turn it is or what the desired result is or whatever is this a joke with a punch line or what?

  24. 4 minutes and I am as usual mind you still clueless. When I write a note I put the date then the pertinent information so that even a 3rd grader would have some idea what and when is meant by it. I am amazed I am still watching. Yes its my choice to do
    so but what an exercise in patience. Also I am getting the feeling I am going to be told before I am given a chance to ponder on my own.

  25. your kidding me right the first time we get any information, its the pawn promotion. well at least now I know whose turn it is and can pause it. and if i choose i can be grateful 🙂

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