Stockfish 8 Failed To Solve This Chess Puzzle, But Mikhail Tal Solved!

A very complex chess puzzle which is known as “Plaskett’s Puzzle”.
This position in Forsyth-Edwards Notation (FEN) is : 8/3P3k/n2K3p/2p3n1/1b4N1/2p1p1P1/8/3B4 w – – 0 1
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Video Thumbnail Attribution: By MBIHund [CC BY 3.0 ()], from Wikimedia Commons


  1. "If you promote your pawn to a king" 😀

  2. Proud to be an mikhail Tal fan for life

  3. Learn from the Legend. Mikhail Tal !!! The Magician from Riga ! I love you Tal. You are my teacher.

  4. hey i think its a white mate in 3 not build a barn and farm of horses

  5. When you give any puzzle firstly tell us that whites pawns are moving which side and blacks pawns are moving which side and lastly tell us at the start who will move first black or white

  6. so, what is the solution ? what is the first good move to play ?

  7. Fantastic. The Magician from Riga trumps the fish. Humanity rules.

  8. I used stock fish 9+ on 1gb of RAM and 3 cbu's and it needed 7 minutes to solve the puzzle!!

  9. Gull 3 x 32 solved This problem less then one minute with the +2.55 advantage to white

  10. Because engine thinking time was too short. If gave enough thinking time as it took tal to solve, guarantee you stockfish can solve it as well.

  11. Tal's abstract thought process was too beautiful for this world.

  12. After Bb5 black can play Nc7 covering e8 square!!!

  13. Tal still saw the queen sacrifice even with the little material white had. That dude was simply crazy

  14. This is by far the best chess puzzle I've seen.

  15. after Bb5, put your Knight to Kc6, which will cover the Bx7. So, you can't checkmate.
    black is winning there.

  16. The Mother of all puzzles, solved by the Father of all complications

  17. Plaskett's Puzzle is a chess endgame study created by the Dutch endgame composer Gijs van Breukelen around 1970, although not published at the time. Breukelen published the puzzle in 1997 in the Netherlands chess magazine Schakend Nederland. It was presented by English grandmaster James Plaskett, at a top-flight chess tournament in Brussels in 1987, hence the name "Plaskett's Puzzle". According to contemporary accounts, of the several strong grandmasters who analyzed the position, only former World Champion Mikhail Tal was able to solve i

  18. Why is black making a random move at 08:52? That is the knight from c1 to E2. He could as well move his knight from a6 to c7, prevent the white bishop move to E8 and thereby prevent the checkmate.

  19. This is the famous van Breukelen's Chess problem.
    This problem was solved a few years before by the Chess engines like Houdini 3pro in 20 plies and less than 10 minutes.
    Please don't believe too much in Stockfish or Komodo because they are not ready actually to solve that kind of problems.
    This is a question solved. Is not new.

  20. The chess engine Leela Chess Zero solved this problem in about 30 minutes.

    22 [+8.32] 1.Nf6+ Kg7 2.Nh5+ Kg6 3.Bc2+ Kxh5 4.d8=Q Kg4 5.Qe8 c4+ 6.Kc6 Ba3 7.Bd1+ Kh3 8.Qxe3 Nb4+ 9.Kb5 c2 10.g4+ Kg2 11.Qd2+ Kh3 12.Bxc2 Nxc2 13.Qxc2 Bd6 14.Qg6 Bf4 15.Qxh6+ (1490.98)

  21. thus it is proven that the brain is heavier than the machine.

  22. After Bb5, what if black plays Nc7? The knight can capture on e8 if Be8+. That seems to be the only move that saves the game for black.

  23. Γεώργιος Μπρίνταλος says:

    At 8:53 why random move and not just Kc7 to prevent once again the checkmate by protecting the e8 square? 🤔

  24. You are watching a lot of agadmator's videos.

  25. Hey, can you please suggest me an application like this?

  26. How about Knight C7 the ending move and not a random move? Then Bishop can not go to E8

  27. Not so brilliant, the last move Bb5 is countered by Nc7

  28. Searched it and it said
    "It was presented by English grandmaster James Plaskett, at a top-flight chess tournament in Brussels in 1987, hence the name "Plaskett's Puzzle". According to contemporary accounts, of the several strong grandmasters who analyzed the position, only former World Champion Mikhail Tal was able to solve it."

  29. Still unsolvable on stockfish 10 by not until after the second knight move does it evaluate

  30. But when light squared bishop plays e5, black can counter with Kc7!! Have you seen that move Suren? Then white should simply retreat to a4 then checkmate black in one!!

  31. at 7:00, the best move for Black is actually NOT Nf6… It's Kg4. White still wins, after Qe8.

  32. More than 4 years later, engines still have trouble with this one. Newest SF on my configuration needed almost 20 minutes to find this move

  33. Here's a position that most engines find dificult.

    1rb1qrk1/2b2pp1/p3pBn1/3pP1Pp/1ppP4/2P1QN2/PP3P1P/R2BR1K1 w – – 0 21

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