Solving The Hanayama Chess Puzzles!!!

Chess Puzzles –

This week I take a look at the Hanayama Chess Piece puzzle collection. In each one the aim is to find the hidden coin with a different solution on each piece. My favourite is probably the Bishop but ll have interesting ways to reach the coin. The full collection makes for a really interesting set of puzzles to challenge friends and family with.

More Puzzles –


  1. These are beautiful pieces! My favourite ones are King and Queen, because of the added orientation that the solver could get wrong…

  2. It’s standing for the „bishop owl“ – the animal.

  3. I honestly love watching these videos not just because of the puzzles (which are definitely interesting), but also because your relaxing voice. It’s probably not gonna happen, but I honestly think you would make great ASMR vids if you ever tried it!😄

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