Solve These 5 Chess Puzzles to Sharpen Your Calculation Skills

Let me be your chess coach for half an hour! Follow along and try to solve all five puzzles!

0:00 Puzzle 1 Promote the pawn!
5:31 Puzzle 2 Win Black’s Rook!
10:08 Puzzle 3 Win Black’s Queen!
13:28 Puzzle 4 Win Black’s Queen again!
18:00 Puzzle 5 Win Black’s Rook!

I hope this will help you guys improve your chess calculation abilities.

Be well,


  1. We're really enjoying your videos so much. Right to the point with clear explanations.

  2. 20:27 well, not really e6 because if the rook was on e6, that would be check and the K would have taken it

  3. You doing a great job. ..gauri❤❤❤❤ luv u

  4. Excellent… ❤ These type of videos are enough to improve chess skills

  5. Great content in chess! I would like to play with you and have your feedback about my knowledge in chess and help me improve my chess tactical skills

  6. Man why didn't you told us about impessant

  7. @3:19 after b5, en-possiant is immediately losing for black right?

  8. Sir how can I calculate moves without any mobile or computer in tournaments??

  9. Excellent video!!! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise! Kudos to you buddy 😁😎

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