Solitaire Chess – Logic puzzles based on the rules of Chess

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Solitaire Chess is a single-player logic puzzle that uses the rules of Chess to exercise your noodle. To play, choose one of the 60 challenge cards which will illustrate how to arrange the pieces on the 4×4 game board. You must then capture a piece on every move until only one remains.

Stow the 10 included pieces in the slide-out compartment underneath the game board for on-the-go puzzling. The instruction manual includes three hints for each of the challenges which range in difficulty from beginner to expert. Ages 8+.


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  1. The king wasn't even checkmate yet lol!

  2. The girl needs to learn. She isn't good enough

  3. My school literally had his game and me and all my friends would play it all the time

  4. This is perfect for people who are single

  5. Plot twist: there were actually 4 players, perfect for two boards but 3 went to play three-player chess

  6. I haven't played Chess since middle school

  7. Well I have a friend because we both know the game as a nerd and I take my sweet sweet time

  8. Got this game at Barnes n nobles, pretty fun

  9. Whenever I play chess no one knows how to play

  10. That scary toy is not allowed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I like it because you can take it anywhere

  12. Not much to learn used to have from Yoda is hilarious

  13. I like how there is single player chess and 3 player chess lmao

  14. We literally have chess puzzle. We don't need this.

  15. So its technically chess Battle Royale isnt it?

  16. :O I have this game I legit played it like 3 yrs ago

  17. My Grandma bought it for me years ago and now I know where was it from)

  18. 0:12
    If your opponent thinks she can take your King, then she knows nothing.

  19. Anyone knows what the hell is a Torre attack?

  20. 0:10
    Girl: what does the little horse do again?
    Me: it moves in an "L" shape.

  21. кастрированные шахматы.

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