Selected Brilliant Chess Puzzles! No. 5

This brilliant chess puzzle is considered to be one of the best endgames studies (1947) ever composed by a Soviet chess master and problemist Vladimir Bron. White is winning!
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  1. About 30 moves, and not one refutation? Amazing

  2. That is probably the best puzzle I've ever seen! Also, are you Armenian? Your accent and name sound Armenian.

  3. best position i have ever seen by far. If there was an ELO system in composing this is going beyond 3000 easily

  4. Fantastic!!!How would you calculate it all playing?

  5. Thanks Suren! Another brilliant puzzle explained brilliantly!!

  6. This is an extraordinary puzzle. Great commentary as always Suren!

  7. 4:36 Qxc4 if bishop takes its a draw if pawn takes pawn on e7 with check then white is winning after queening I guess

  8. Rook C2, King C8
    Pawn D8, Pawn H1– both promote to Queens
    Queen B6, King A8
    Rook A2, Bishop A5
    Rook A5, Checkmate

  9. A brilliant puzzle. Surely took an incredibly wise man to compose this.

  10. could have been solved a lot easily when Q came to c6, simple Rook to D4 check and then the rest is easy

  11. Why not rook on C2 check, and then promote pawn to queen? 🙂

  12. Why is it always white to move?? Black are bad guys? That's racist.

  13. La dificultad de este problema se va al carajo, mal.

  14. That's a great puzzle. Not taking the Queen sacrifice right away and avoiding the stalemate is simply brilliant!

  15. Here If I want to play Q*c4 than this game should be draw. Timing of video is 4:39

  16. This puzzle is of another level. Just amazing.

  17. If rook to b7?then king to c6 or d6 and white will promote his pawn to a queen…at first o

  18. Super puzzle with many tempos and square misplaced by pieces

  19. Stockfish found a kind of refuation! At 2:10 kxf5 works, it is a complex line though!

  20. Amazing puzzle, maybe the greatest in chess history.

  21. well black could eat the rook and u cant push the pawn because of black pawn

  22. Wowwww!!!
    Incredible brilliancy.

    Thank you Suren!!!🤗💪🖖🏼

  23. rook B7- king C6/D6 – pawn promotes to there a way for black to prevent checkmate??

  24. This was so complex that I couldn't have possibly solved it

  25. If the last black move would be ….Dxc4 it's a draw anyway, isn't it?

  26. More a collection of puzzles than one puzzle on itself. So rich! So complex! So brillant and intelligent! So unlike my neighbour…..

  27. Thanks, Suren. Quite complex and interesting. I spent two days examining this puzzle and could only get about half of it right. Had to pause/peek at the moves on numerous occasions. Sorry to say, I failed the part about Kf7 tempo, but did manage to find most of the other key moves. But in a real game I probably would have lost if playing the white pieces. Finding the correct line throughout is really tricky. So many ways to screw it up and you need all perfect moves to win. That's the beauty of a great chess puzzle!

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