Selected Brilliant Chess Puzzles! No 24

Another brilliant chess puzzle where White wins by going for an under-promotion to a Knight thus forcing Black to repeat his idea! In the end White is announcing a checkmate with a pawn! A beautiful start and a marvelous finish!
Sergei Didukh
White is winning
This position in Forsyth-Edwards Notation (FEN) is : 8/4P3/8/1ppp4/1pk2K2/8/PP1pP3/8 w – – 0 0
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  1. Dear Suren and all chess lovers,
    I hope you are okay during this coronavirus pandemic situation…
    Stay home stay safe guys…
    I hope it ends and we will have amazing chess tournament

  2. Petrosian, Kasparov and Aronian are all great Armenian chess players.

  3. puzzle solution Rd8+Kd8+Bf6 its check so black lose queen in next move

  4. 1. Rd8+
    Black has 2 options: Kxd8 or Ke7
    2. Qxe4 and black cannot recapture with the knight, because it’s pinned

  5. Hi Suren, nice double puzzle!
    But in the first, you missed an important line -maybe you thougth that is obvious -, after e8N if black plays d4, white can play Ke4 and the Nd6# unstobbable, this is similar idea with the final checkmate.

  6. Well, knight promotion was pretty easy to see, but I didn’t calculate that last line…

    Thank You, Suren!

  7. Suren, I managed to find the solution in 2 mins

  8. Hi suren.
    I have a beautiful unique puzzle.
    How can I send it to your channel?
    I only have email and WhatsApp.
    Thank you
    Tamir Erez
    If you write to me, i can send you the position.
    My pleasure to see my puzzel in your videos.

  9. Solution to the puzzle:
    1) Rd8+
    If: Ke7
    Then: 2) Qxe4+ Kxd8
    And after Nf3 and placing the Queen and Bc4 is just simply crushing…

    If: Kxd8
    Then: 2) Qxe4
    And white is queen up and can easily wrap up the game

  10. When I took only a look at the thumbnail and gazed at it, I quickly found under promotion to a Knight (not because of picture of Knight piece on side).
    I thought if e8=Q then there would not be any immediate check and if e8=N and d1=Q then Nd6+ Kd4 Nf5+ Kc4 Ne3+ royal fork and White is winning clearly. So Black should also underpromote to a knight in order not to simply allow Ne3 fork although I really thought that White can still do so to engulf Black within few squares and make a position where Black would be forced to play a move (forgot that it is called zugzwang). I even found rest of moves:
    After Kxe3:
    If d4+: Then Ke4 b3 (If d3 then exd3#) a3 b4 a4 d3 (forced) exd3#
    If b3: a3 b4 a4 d4+(forced) Ke4 d3 (forced) exd3#

  11. Solution of the last puzzle: 1. Rd8+!! Kxd8 (black is forced to capture this rook, because after 1. … Ke7 knight is still pinned) 2. Qxe4 and now black can't capture white's queen because their knight is pinned, and due to material advantage white is winning in the long range.

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