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  1. 3 views, 12 likes? I'm so early YouTube is glitching

  2. How he tells us never-heard words like zwischenzug every day…

  3. Well, so the obvious move was to twist two fingers twice in a row?

  4. German pronunciation 101: Try it more like “tsvishentsuk”, since German “Z” is pronounced like English “TS” and German “W” is pronounced like English “V”. (And in German, consonants at the end of the word become hard, so the “G” is pronounced like “K”.)

  5. I like the way he pronounces zwischenzug (that is german and describes as a fill in move

  6. It‘s beautiful when americans try to pronounce german words

  7. Zwischenzug is a german word. Zwischen means inbetween and Zug means move. Cool, right?

  8. As a German, It is really weird to listen Americans speak german words😂
    Well " zwichenzug" in German means "step sister"

  9. You are Legand like a ROOOOOOOOOOK

    pin plz

  10. Bro chess words aren't even in the dictionary lol

  11. "Now you are winning"
    You doubt my abilities to lose mortal

  12. When i was beginner i was use this before i know it

  13. now we got sugswaan (Zugzwang) and Swisensuug (Zwischenzug)

    actual pronunciation is like Tsuktsvang and Tsvishentsuk

  14. Again, it is fun to hear him try to pronounce a German word.

    Also really cool how so many German words are used in chess.

  15. Why is it called "Zwischenzug"? It is a german word. Did we invent this technique? Your german pronounciation is good, by the way.

  16. The way you say Zwischenzug causes me pain

  17. I'm not really good at chess. Isn't the better move in the second puzzle retreating the bishop from the attack?

  18. I love it when people are not German and do try to pronounce Zugzwang or Zwischenzug😍😂

  19. Why are there so many German words in Chess like Zwischenzug or Zugzwang? 😅

  20. As a German I appreciate your trying to pronounce the word zwischenzug but I’m not accepting it

  21. Bro really said Zwitschenzúk instead of Zwischenzug😂 Ik german is hard… I'm german myself

  22. Brother can pronounce every female hungarian fide master but cant say Zwischenzug 😀

  23. I just saw a video of ChatGPT vs ChatGPT. levy you should watch the video and then make a video about it.

  24. I like how the intro asks the audience if they're smart. Then, zips to the content.

    We already kinda know the answer.

  25. its beautiful when people hates someone when mispronouncing a foreign word

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