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  1. "Zwischenzug" is actually german and means something like "move-in-between" or "in-between move"

  2. Can someone smart explain to me why bishop a4 is worse than bishop takes bishop?

  3. Erwin Rommel 卍 🏳️‍🌈⃠ 卍 says:

    Pov: Germans when Americans dont speak one word of their language correctly 😭😢😭😢😩😭😭😢🥺😭😭😢😢😭😖😭😢😩😖🙁😞😖😩😢😭

  4. And I woulda just protected the bishop with the queen which is probably the worser move but still a move

  5. In the 2nd puzzle, what if white takes the knight with his knight. That makes it to the knight protects the bishop and the knight Is protected by the pawn

  6. Υou look like the dude who makes the paper work for jedi missions

  7. Everybody in the comments acting like their half German

  8. As a German I love how you pronounce German words, please do more…

  9. Thank ylu for all the racial advice poppy

  10. “Are you smart?”
    And I have already failed you Levi

  11. I like it when americans try to pronounce German words like Zwischenzug

  12. why cant queen A4 work wouldnt you be getting 2 for 1 peice

  13. Gotham, when will you play with ChessMaster 5th time with Grob opening?
    It will be funny to see🗿🍷

  14. For those trying hard to pause video quick but fails and have to restart and wait again.
    Here is the word:
    "ZWISCHENZUG" (In-between move)

  15. Pretty sure it's pronounced €€ππ¢∆¶✓%¶

  16. Might forget this but I'll never forget to pp on the pp.

  17. I apologize I'm an idiot but I thought the last example was a desparado?

  18. I would say that the last example is more of a desperado

  19. How to say Zwischenzug? 'tswi-schen-tsugk'. Say German 'Z' like 'T' + sharp 'S' sound. Like in… Ähm… Pittsburg (?)

  20. levy, bossman.
    it's German
    the W sounds like V
    here it is in English (kinda)
    tsvishen tsug

  21. Bro I’ve been doing this but I didn’t know it has a name

  22. I, for the first time, did the puzzle correct

  23. Except the one you gonna take is actually protecring the piece you swabitsuh

  24. Someone what do i do if my opponent plays E4 and then knight C3 (opponent is playing white) what do I play there?

  25. I feel smart when I get the puzzles right but in real game situation idk what I am doing or thinking

  26. U take bishop because it takes that value then they take amd u dont trade

  27. How wrong do you wanna pronounce this German word? Every American ever: YES!!!!

  28. This has got nothing to with being "smart". Hikaru would spot this tactic but I definitely wouldn't consider him to be smart.

  29. jeder aus Deutschland lacht sich kaputt wenn Amerikaner deutsche Wörter sagen sie sagen nicht zwischen zug sie sagen swieschensuge😂

  30. i'm smart 😎😎😎 (i'm still horrible at chess but at least i found the right move)

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