Secret Chess Tip…

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  1. In Korean, it is called 사잇수 [sa-it-soo]

  2. Zwischenzug is said like "tsvichentsuk"

  3. Bro i was thinking the bishop but i was like nah no way thats it im prob missing out so i swapped my answer to the knight instead 😭😭

  4. what if u went back into the protection of the queen?

  5. And you sacrifice…. THE QUEEEEN

  6. If the player was dumb, then they would take the bishop, and then we could take with the pawn, but no one would ever do that.

  7. Yes but why would knight ever take pawn like that?

  8. Thats why Agadmator rules. He properly pronounces German words, Russian, Spanish or Iranian names.

  9. Can someone explain how trading the bishop for the bishop is a good move here?

  10. Als ob der Zug „Zwischenzug“ heißt 😂😂😂 ich kann nicht mehr …

  11. This is like Dora but I’m being taught chess terminology and tactics by a Levy

  12. As an Austrian i fucking died when he pronounced "Zwischenzug"💀😂

  13. I'm not smart


    Bob: like Albert einstein

  14. Me, a german, always gets so mad when words aren't pronounced correctly.

  15. Why not f3 to d4? Then you could either trade pieces ou trade one bishop for a bishop and a horse

  16. chess grand masters be like -lose all your pieces except one pawn, now you're winning

  17. Its so funny to watch how he says zwischenzug if youre german 😂

  18. Bro in the first game if u did that it would result in a check

  19. Bro is real life dora

  20. Hey levy what if we move the queen to a4 then what

  21. There's a secret tip in chess i'd knew that because my friend kinda learned this secret trick blah blah blah i know right?

  22. how comes he wins pieces when doing a different variation of a trade??? (for the 2nd part)

  23. What's the difference between it and intermezzo

  24. Reminder for beginner chess players to develop a strategy because that’s how you get past a 1000 Elo

  25. I thought knight takes knight to protect bishop?

  26. Please just call it TsFishEnTsug so your make the Z really hard. Please.

  27. I like it when I hear americans say Zwiiishhhenzzzugg 😂🎉👏

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